I don’t know where he came from but I been hearing about him since I was a kid. My parents always detested him as he was always causing them some kind of misery. My dad could probably go on and on about the grief he caused here in Oklahoma.

But I don’t just take my dad’s word for it… I just don’t like the way he looks. I was watching a commercial with him walking down a country road here in Oklahoma. He just looks like a shady character. A stubborn republican man that always works for the “right thing” walking down the road frowning…. Just a mean ol’ man that guy… Daddy Inhofe.

His commercial claims that his opponent Andrew Rice is easy on crime and let’s bad people run the streets or something. Whatever… Last month Inhofe was saying something about how Obama doesn’t love his country and shouldn’t be president because of it… He is always saying some kind of weak comments… That Inhofe guy cracks me up..

Still, he manages to win term after term… Strange… It’s an Oklahoma thang… That’s all.