Rake's Zen of Suduction?

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I get email every week from this cat, Derek Rake on how to seduce women.  I was sitting around on the single tip (like I am now) and did a Google search on how to pick up girls and his site came up. (It may have been an ad)

I was quite entertained by the webpage and I put my email address in there and have been getting his newsletter ever since. He claims it’s worth $47 monthly.  I have been receiving it for quite some time. I wonder when my free trial is up?

The tips he gives are only tidbits of the “real” method that he offers in his e-books.

His Resource’s  Include.

  • How to get over on chicks’ “out of your league”
  • How to seduce strippers
  • How to avoid “flakes”
  • How to “bed” 15 women in 1 month

Hey! I think I got my paypal account ready

I backed up off of it.
BUT, it looks like  he has a Zen Seduction Blog. I subscribed (of course)

I figured I really don’t need to have that much sex anyways. And I’m skeptical of that sort of thing. Is it worth the money to actually buy that stuff?

Still, my inbox keeps em flowing.  I don’t check that email very often and when I do there will be several emails from…

The Rake Letter

The latest one he talks about how to seduce women online. He recommends “pay” dating sites instead of free ones.   He claims that on the paid one’s you will get “better quality” women to seduce.

His review of Plenty of Fish is  incorrect tho. He states that you can only send short messages and have very brief profiles.  Uh, nope. I have a very long and detailed  profile. Emails are also unlimited.

Have I tried his methods?

Uh…Well, not really.

Perhaps I need the full version of his material to get the a better education on how to do that.  He’s got some positive  testimonials on his site.

Perhaps Derek will find this post and bust out a free copy for me to do a real review of his technique.

I’ll give it a shot, and, ya know…See what happens 🙂

Or maybe I should just keep on blogging. (truckin?)

Lets see here:
Blog or girlfriend?
Blog or sex?

Maybe I should flip a coin!