Tonight is the final debate with Obama and McCain. What can a country do? Is McCain gonna kick his ass?

When this race started the big issue was ending the war over there in Iraq. People were getting tired of it going on year after year. Death after death. George Jr’s war mongering ways.

Now with this crash, the banks and everybody else seems to be going broke. This has taken over this race front and center.

I read in the Tulsa World today about this meltdown being caused by President Carter and Clinton or something. Way back many moons ago. But I see, er, Bush and Chaney running things for the past 8 years. It’s funny people want to go way back and blame Carter or something. I live in the here and now. Don’t most of us?

The “Liberal Media” (which I am part) is waiting in anticipation for the election to go over to Obama. Now you know this…

Tomorrow I think I’ll comment about the “Liberal Media”