English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

English: McDonalds’ sign in Harlem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How long has it been since you had some fast food?  In the drive through did you get some good service? I’m ‘thinking’ you probably have a story to tell about it… Am I right?

I recently tagged along on a road trip with my groovy lady friend and I suggested we stop at a McDonald’s  so I could go to the rest room. I was craving a little snack too…  Uh… Mistake.

When I got done in the restroom…Which in itself was not all that great I noticed there was some people ‘waiting’ in line.  Some to put in an order.. Others waiting on their order…

We decided we would check it out… again… Mistake…

Girl: Can i take your order?

Us: Large Iced tea… Dollar burger, Strawberry smoothie…

Girl: (tapping on machine) Large tea? and what?

Us: Repeat above

Girl: (searching keyboard on register) Uh……  What burger is that? Hamburger?

Us: The DOLLAR burger……

Girl: Oh… Okay .. (searching keyboard)

Finally she was satisfied that she got the order done and gave us the ticket to wait…

So we waited… and waited…and waited… and…….

(20 minutes)

We observed the girl at the counter taking orders… It became apparent she didn’t know how to read…. Maybe… Not sure…

Frustrated we approached the counter about the same time that a guy seemed to be operating the smoothie machine… He filled the cup and the girl started asking him questions… He looked at her puzzled..  We were standing there holding our ticket….

Us: Excuse us…But….

Guy: huh?

Girl: I can’t figure this out… Where is the quarter pounder?

(He stands there silent)

Us: I think that’s my smoothie… (pointing)

(He looks at us blankly…Then at her)

Finally a manager walks up… He starts observing the situation.

Manger: What’s going on here?

(the guy looks at him and so does the girl)

Us: We have been waiting over 20 minutes for our order..

(Manager rolls his eyes… Takes the smoothie from the guy.. Gives us a large cup and puts the burger in the bag with some napkins.)

Manager: Sorry about the inconvenience

So we take the cup to the beverage counter.. .Iced tea is empty… Dr Pepper is  clear liquid…

Are we in hell?

You may think this story is a work of fiction but I assure you it is TOTALLY REAL.

So what can be done about all of this?

Here are some Tips for Fast Food

  • If it’s not clean when you go in…. Leave
  • In the drive thru always check your order and ask for napkins, ketchup etc at the window… They WILL not add it automatically.
  • Don’t curse them under your breath at drive thru window… They can hear you…
  • Don’t ask for ‘special’ orders…. They won’t understand….
  • Avoid getting drinks.  They are expensive and the fountain mixture is prob incorrect.
  • Look for managers nearby… They are usually the only ones that can get things corrected.
  • Order slowly and with precision.  Listen closely if and when they read the order back to you.
  • Count your change…
  • If everything turns out good… Rejoice!!!

Study this short video… If this is what its like when you walk up to the counter…. LEAVE…..

Of course the bast thing to do is “just say no”  -Go to a real restaurant  or prepare you own food at home.