Hipster dating sites! That would be the place where you meet all the hipster’s online for a groovy date.  You meet each other there. Hold cyber hands and think pure thoughts.

(I reach out and take your hand.)
Let’s go to a art show!

(Looking at you and smiling)
Rite-on, I think they have a new Constantine Andreou exhibit Link here

Think of the possibilities?

I'm In Like With You.
Image by Rob Boudon via Flickr

2 hipsters  hangin’ online. Sharing opinions on modern art, popular culture and the effects of dogmatic socialism.  It would be like a dream come true for all the hipsters down at the cyber cafe.

Well I was looking around and I found one.  www.hipsterdating.com

I didn’t bother  linking to it.

It’s a domain somebody own’s with a parked page with ad’s. Gee, why didn’t I think of that?  Sound’s like some easy money.

It worked, I clicked an ad.  Go figure.

Being a single dude I just have to contend with my now infamous POF profile.

I wish that site had stat’s for me to check. It would be interesting to know if my profile get’s more hits than the next guy.  Heck, I put all kind’s of work into it.   If I had put as much time into blogging as I did that site I’d probably be on the A-List for bloggers.

I’m thinking about adding a dating extension onto the Hip Opinion.

Like I said, Imagine the possibilities.