I’m going but I need a little time… I promised I would drown myself in mystic heated wine.

Jim (my hero) was found dead in a bathtub.
He was living in Paris  and is now buried over there in some famous graveyard.They want to kick him out because all the heathens are always in there defacing stuff. Does he even deserve to be in that graveyard?

I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe he has just as much talent as the rest of the famous people buried there. There shouldn’t be a restriction on who get’s buried where should there?

People believe that Jim is not really dead…That he simply got tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and southern comfort that he plotted his own death to “escape” Now he just chills at the beach or something. Maybe ghost writing for somebody between glasses of booze and hangovers.

Strange Days…

Now Elvis is buried in his backyard… But he may not be dead either…