My friend is going to a Just For Women party tonight. It’s like a Tupperware party for girls..uh.. pleasure accessoriesNo men allowed. Here are some of my thought’s while walking around Wal-Mart looking at yard tools.


Image by Lone Primate via Flickr

Just For Men?

I don’t think so folks. We guys don’t need that kind of party. Unless of course there are females there.  You know, one that will help us buy the correct merchandise. Some may disagree. But I doubt it.

Just For Men Ideas

I was thinking about all of the home business opportunities there are out there…  I guess a Just for Women franchise wouldn’t work for me. Being a guy and all I’d have to look into other things  to sell at a party.

Let’s See Here:

  • Amway – Soap and stuff.
  • Avon – Think of all the free samples I’d have laying around
  • Mary Kay – Even better free samples than Avon. Better quality.
  • PartyLite – Have a house full of fire light dreams

Hmmm? Did I leave anyone out?
All of that stuff seems like it’s Just for Women too.

None of it sound’s as exciting as a pleasure device party.

I really should just go do some yard work.

Hey, that’s an idea! A home improvement party for men.

  • Tools
  • Sports collectibles
  • Muscle car accessories
  • Beer
  • Hooter’s coupons

The possibilities are endless.

Hey, I’m outta here. 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂