Well who do you think is the greatest band ever to exist? Ya know there are just so many to choose from it’s hard to tell. I think by far the greatest pop band there ever was is The Beatles.

They simply hit every range of music and have influenced coutless artists over the years.  You want to learn about how to do music on your own? How to consturct songs? Listen to the Beatles first.

Some things the Beatles can teach you.

How to play percussion – In the times I have played with a band that had somebody playing percussion they usually didn’t know when to play and when not to play…They would simply shake something constantly throughout the entire song. If you listen to The Beatles who often used percussion, they didn’t do this but used the percussion to “build” a song.

How to sing and harmonize – I have heard people say “the Beatles can’t sing” Sorry…But your mistaken. They took pop singing to a new level.

How to construct songs – Verse, choirs, verse choirs, middle, verse choirs End.  They simply had the system down to perfection. And they often expanded on these simple techniches and took it to new levels.

Various rhythm ideas – Like to strum a guitar? Just learning? Pay attention to the strumming techniches done on Beatles songs.  The acoustic rhythms they did on so many songs is incredible. Different time signatures too.

Colorful Bass Playing – It’s amazing how much can be done with a bass on a song. Sure it can be overdone. But Paul did it to perfection.

Lyric Writing – From boy meets girl to girl loses boy to trippy kaleidoscope scenes, political revolution, drug craziness, religion, sexual orientation, comical storytelling. These guys did it all and more.

Studio Recording – Nobody had ever done the wacky stuff that they came up with in the studio. From fake stereo to delayed tape effects and backward guitars. Sure everybody does it now…They did it first.

Oh I could go on and on…But I’ll let ya disagree with me if ya want… Please, tell me why you HATE them guys…