Mary Jane Effects

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You ever heard that  Marijuana is  a Gateway drug? That you start smoking a little weed and that it will eventually indoctrinate you to “try” harder drugs.

Gateway  Example

I guy is in  high school. At lunchtime he is at the convenience store and buy a quart of beer for lunch.  Some of the high school homeys are doing it every day so…Why not?

Drink that beer down with a sandwich and go back to class and heckle the teacher… Extra fuel for the class clown.

So this becomes a regular lunchtime routine. Then you some dude’s introduce ya to a little “hit” of a joint.  Again, all the rest of the cat’s are doing it so why not? You don’t want to be a “poser” do ya?  Are ya cool or not?

Suddenly you discover that you enjoy the effects of the smoke when mixed with a quart of beer… (never mind the sandwich)

So now ya your in with the cool crown right?  Yo, the  dude’s got some acid. Lets drop and then go to class..  Uh….?

Your going to school sure, But your learning many other things outside of school. Ya know…  drug commerce , networking and sales.

Heck, then you become a farmer.

As time goes by you become involved  in all kinds’  of cool fun and opportunities.   Why go to college if you have a promising career in recreational mild altering substances?

So how did it all start? Was it simply a quart of beer and a Mary Jane smoke?

I dunno… You decide.