I only wear makeup on Halloween. I usually dress up like Ozzy. He wears makeup.

I had a girlfriend for awhile that attempted to sell Mary Kay. That is the elite of the makeup, better than Avon. Or the price would dictate. It was supposed to earn extra money for us-It didn’t.

Why am I blogging about this? Because some of that fine Mary Kay apparently spilled somehow into my bathroom sink. It refuses to be removed… I have used a couple of SOS pad’s but it is really persistent… It just STICKS to the sink.

So with that being said it must be pretty good makeup… It sure wouldn’t come off while swimming.

Next time I dress up as Ozzy I guess I’ll have to use some good old Wal Mart makup… I no longer have BOXES of unsold Mary Kay lying around. And my new girl rarely wears makeup… Let’s be natural!