Well, my latest pastime has been microblogging  on facebook and other social networks.. Its  guaranteed reading and often commented on.

I thought that since I am putting considerable energy and effort into this perhaps I should post these status updates here on the blog I own… At least the blog would get more updates.

My latest brainstorm has been the continuing story of My Homeboy Jesus and our adventures.  It is a biblically based fictional storyline that just popped into my head one day.

The fist post got a lot of attention.

My Homeboy Jesus said: How bout ya let Me drive for awhile? I said: What for? He said: Cause I’m a better Driver than you dawg. I said: I dunno… See.. I can drive pretty darn good..Look here…Check, this…out……..CRASH. Right on Bro.. (handed Him the keys)

My second post was ignored (or not commented on)

My HomeBoy Jesus said: You jacked yer car, wassup? I said: I’ll tell ya. I got big plans, you dig? I’m gonna work and work, beg, borrow and save to get this bad boy rolling ASAP. He said: I can get it done for free dawg. I said; What? Come on now? He said. Trust Me Bro…

It may be too “far out” perhaps for some folks to get… Not any more in my opinion than the “Left Behind” series or the book “The Shack”

My ideas for this style of Bible based ramblings continues.. Perhaps I’ll start a new Topic on this storyline and simply post them here, then share it with a link on facebook and elsewhere.

In any case I think I’ll try to post any more other interesting microblogging ideas I come up with here at the Hip Opinion and perhaps explain myself better. I’m not sure folks are getting all this silly stuff.

And of course, it’s for entertainment purposes only 🙂