Meeting playmates, lovers, partners in crime, all that good stuff. It has never been easier to hook up and meet chicks everywhere than it is now… You can meet your future wife or that special someone to give you a break from your wife… Perhaps she “understands” your problems a little better than your wife… She “listens” well.

That’s why your on there talking to her for hours at a time while your better ½ is asleep in the bed… Everybody thinks your up “working” late on the computer but your actually up late “playing” on the computer…It’s all about motive I guess.

But there are plenty of people meeting and having successful relationships
through the internet… Like Rush Limbaugh did huh? Is he still married?
Gotta love that guy.

MySpace Offers:

  • Hard to read pages
  • Cheesy, sexually silly clip art “comments”
  • Horrible music that plays every time you visit a given profile
  • Men claiming they are a “nice guy”
  • Emails from girls wanting to show you “pictures”
  • Lots of “forwards” Quiz, Jokes, etc
  • Strangers who send “friend requests” (phishing)

I have met some good people on MySpace
and continue to look at it from time to time. Good way to network with folks and catch up with old high school chums. It’s all about motive. I have certainly bitched about MySpace before… I just keep it around for the good things…And try to filter out any crap that might want to peep it’s ugly head.