Well look here. Conservative Christian Movies!  My brother, the movie reviewing guy he is has started a new blog..Gee.. Looks like he was keeping it a secret from me. Now that I know he is blogging again I, of course, subscribed.

I always enjoy reading movie reviews from ANYBODY. But my brother’s christian conservative slant makes it that much more viable to study a movie. Is the movie really doing anybody good? Or simply pushing the boundaries as so many filmmakers and TV show makers do these days. We just got to show more to SHOCK people.

My bro has been reviewing movies and music for as long as I can remember. He is a prolific writer… If I could just convince him to move away from that typewriter, or 1980 word processor he uses and actually get a new computer and write for the web I do believe he could be a voice to be reckoned with.

Studying popular culture…Especially movies with consistent conservative christian (but not preachy) style of writing would do much good for the net. The internet needs good writers that deserve exposure. And I can always appreciate what he has to say…

A Christian Conservative and His Movies.
I can dig it…Can you?

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