Satan made me do it
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I wrote a short post year ago about the Rolling Stones . Asking if they worship Satan or something. I remember when I was an early teen there used to be “tent revivals” and ministries run through town and talk about the evil of rock  music.

This week I was rolling in my car listening to the Stones:  “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request”.  That would be the Stone’s answer to The Beatles Sgt Pepper.   I think Satanic is better. Haha… Sorry 😛

But what do I know? I’m just some guy that happens to own this blog.

Are the Stones Satan worshipers?

Haha.. I have no idea really. I just did a google search of this sort of thing and one of the top posts was a Yahoo aswers question:

“What is some good “Devil Worship Music”? I clicked the link but the page seems to have been removed.  Googles cache was saying something about Sympathy for the Devil

I don’t think that song is actually a “Devil worship song”.  To me,  it’s an essay of what Satan is doing here on planet earth, and that we humans seem to have plenty of sympathy for his endeavor’s.  But then, all songs are open to interpretation.

I shouted out,
Who killed the kennedys?
When after all
It was you and me

Maybe that lyric was taken out of context. I copied it from a web page I found that goes into great detail about the Rolling Stones and Satanism.

I’m not sure if that webmaster realizes you can’t lift artwork and content like that without permission.  It’s copyright violation.  Ya see:

I can do it: LIKE THIS:

Cover of

Cover of Sympathy for the Devil Remixes

That image is copyrighted. But it comes from Amazon. It is a promotional link.  You can go there and buy the record.

Mick and the Boys wouldn’t care anyways.  Satan has helped them sell many records over the years. Even if indirectly.

I dunno if the Rolling Stones worship the Devil.

You ever heard any Slayer?
Not even close, baby.