State Fair.

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

I thought I’d write a quick list of tips for those wanting to go to the State Fair. It’s one of my favorite places to go but it’s expensive. And this blogger is on a budget.

Check These Cheap Idea’s

1. Ride Pass – If you want to have any fun at the fair ya gotta have some money. But don’t take more than your willing to spend. If ya ya ride the rides get a wristband.

2. Snake Girl.  She has the “head of a Beautiful Lady with the body of a hideous writhing snake’. It’s usually the cheapest thing on the midway.

3. Don’t Pay BoBo.  If you get angry enough to drop $5 to $10 because he says you have a big nose then he has already won. I always visit Bobo tho and watch other’s throw balls at him. Some Bobo’s are better at the insults than others.  Some are not very good. But people still try to dump em.

4. Free Samples – I went to the fair and ate several chips and dip. A ice cream cone, some bbq , crackers,  candy and a bag full of promotional pamphlets.  -All for free.  Also signed up for free stuff. But that might result in some spam or sale’s telephone calls.

5. Free Show’s There  are always concerts at the fair. They are usually free and can include some headline acts. You better get there early if ya wanna a good seat. Ge to the stage at least an hour early and then you can either watch people or play on your phone waiting for the show to start.

6. Never wear a shirt with your name – Do you want the carnies calling you by name? I wore a shirt that say’s “Dave” on the back. Guess what happened?

7. Alcohol – Lot’s of partying going on there.  But drinks are very high. You may want to consider other idea’s for a head change to enjoy the midway lights.  I’m sure you can come up with something.;)

8.  Volunteer – Part of a organization that has a booth at the fair? Sign up to volunteer.  You will meet tons’ of interesting people and do get some serious entertainment. People watching at the fair is awesome and totally free.

There ya have it. 8 Hip tips for going to the fair on a budget.  Got any other ideas? Let a hipster know!