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Doing my usual looking around on “how to blog“, blogs I came across a post with over  200 tips  to do it better.  One of them was to write a post about Google. So I’m gonna bust one out about the mystery of getting indexed.

A Google Search

I just did a search: “Google Index Mystery”  and hit I’m feeling lucky

The page that came up looks like a forum post at their webmaster central area. Somebody is asking why their site drops for certain keywords or something.

They give her some advice:

  • Duplicate content
  • Problems with robots.txt
  • The seasonal nature of the content

Well that’s cool.  It does seem like that’s a mystery as to why the site is having index problems so I guess Google chose correctly at giving that page the #1 position.

This site has over 300 post’s on it right now. (the day I’m writing this)
Only about 3 or 4 of those posts come up on the first page in a search.

That is a Mystery

I get traffic every single day from those 4 posts.   They also come up on the first page of all the other search engines.

Why is this?

I have no idea. When I wrote those posts I  didn’t really do anything different than what I usually do.  I just honestly wrote what I thought about those subjects.

The fact the posts areally are not all that great it surprises me that they continue to do well.  I have thought about reworking the posts and making them better but I’m scared to death to do that. LOL

My Amazing Posts’

Yep. that’s right. I have some stuff I have written on this site that I think is just so freaking awesome.  Yup, let me give myself a pat on the back. 🙂

Apparently Google Disagrees

Earlier today I was looking through some old posts.  I have a series of posts about “Going to Hell”  Now, is that not an important subject? Nobody wants to go to hell right?

I did a search on those keywords. Getting Lucky

Nope, nowhere to be found.

I put the search in parentheses: “Who goes to hell?”

Nope, I quit looking about the 10th page.

Finally I put the word “opinion” with the search and I was on the first page. Wow….There it is…Geeze…

Anyways.  When I did the posts in the beginning, as usual. I simply honesty wrote what I thought about that subject.

So What Now?

I didn’t do much SEO stuff when writing those posts. I am going to do a little light editing and enter some SEO in the plugin and see what happens.  I’d like my stuff to be read by somebody that might find it interesting.

I really should not complain. My main page comes up #1 on keywords I was kinda targeting when I put this site together.  And some new ones are coming up now that I’m updating regularly.

But I want my “HELL” posts up there on top somewhereDamn it.

Hey, It’s a mystery.