Many of the profiles for men on a dating site will have certain qualities that they consider attractive in a potential date…
Here is an example:

Looking for an easy going woman which means looking for a woman who will romp with me whenever I want and not get upset when I don’t call.

Looking for a woman who takes care of her body and is
…meaning a woman who is 5’10 weighing in at a whopping 120lbs, long blonde hair blue eyes and a rack that comes around the corner 5 minutes before she does.

Looking for a woman that is secure and can take care of
…meaning that’s because I live in my mom’s basement and work at mickey d’s and my money goes for a VIDEO games and beer.

I like to take long walks, hold hands, snuggle on the couch and watch T.V. open doors for the ladies..which means I will get up to pee if I have to…I’ll touch you during commercials just to get your attention to grab me a beer…..Yes you can snuggle on the couch with me, just don’t touch me….Yea I’ll open the door but when we are done it’s on babyyyyy

I like a woman who can feel comfy wearing t-shirt and sweats or a lady who can dress up in heels for a night on the town…..Yea she better be able to wear t-shirts and sweats. Gotta be comfy when she is mowing the yard and she better be able to dress up and look dayum good fer my pals

I like a woman who knows what she wants…..yea she may think she knows what she wants but eventually I can change her to think she wants what I want…

I like a woman who isn’t controlling…..yup sure nuff that woman better cook me some dinner and BY GOLLY KNOW HER PLACE

I like independent women….OF course she must be able to drive herself home after a meaningless night of ….???

That’s funny stuff huh?
This was lifted from a dating site I have recently been playing around on… Hope everybody finds LOVE!