Its fair season here in Tulsa again.. I used to love to go to the fair and see the midway lights and laughing rides. It is always fun to look at the new products and unique things the fair has to offer… People watching is particularly entertaining.

But with the economy going down the toilet who can afford to go to the fair? It is a whopping 8 bucks just to walk in the gate. That includes nothing except the privilege of being able to look at exhibits and bizarre people in the crowds.

I  boycotted the fair last year
because the fairgrounds terminated the lease for Bells Amusement park at the drop of a hat. I felt they had done them wrong by just throwing them out on their ear. With little explanation as to why.

So, with that in mind I aint got a couple of big bills to take my family to the state fair this year. Who can afford an $8.00 turkey leg anyways? And it wouldn’t be the same without Bell’s. A Tulsa tradition and landmark that the fair board eliminated for some parking spaces. It just ain’t right – ya dig?