Did Rod Stewart Have to Have His Stomach Pumped?

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I’m surprised at how many people have not heard this story. He had to go to a hospital in LA one time because he had apparently swallowed 4 qt’s of semen. I think he admits himself that it was a rumor and that he is too straight for that kinda thing.. It’s like a circle jerk and he was in the middle huh?

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32 thoughts on “Did Rod Stewart Have to Have His Stomach Pumped?”

  1. I call B.S. on this rumor, I saw this one porno. This chic swallowed a whole room full of guys spunk and gave the camera a big I just got payed smile. If she can do it and Rod can’t he ain’t much of a Queer now is he. I say he went to the hospital to find more load to swallow. Cleanned out there sperm bank and milked the male staff dry too.

    1. this is not a rumor. I was in junior high school back in the 70s and saw this reported and talk about on the 6pm news. Yes, it was real. NOT a rumor. You dont like knowing this realy happend? Deal with it.

    2. haha no it happend. I was around in those days and saw it reported on the news. And you know what? Most people knew then that Rod was BI. Is he now? Probley. Hes married but so what. Bi married men suck cock all the time. YOU like his music? Thats good, you dont have to like his sex life. right?

    1. Im here to tell you that i was in junior high school back when this was reported on the News. I believe it was around 1977-78. Yes, i saw it on the news and it realy happend. Why would you lose respect for him? Why dose it matter? You like his music not his sex life. right? Yes, Rod was very bi, dont know what he is now days, but my beliefe is your who you are till the end anyway.

      1. Yes, I too heard/saw this on TV news in the Seventies. Unlike some posts here, I was an adult at the time. Our 3 kids were watching the news about Stewart and his escapade & my wife removed the kids from the room. What deviant behavior. And now it is regarded as an “urban myth” after so much time has passed. How convenient to be dismissed as just rumour! The reality is that it was reported by the media and people saw the report!

  2. I hate to tell you people that don’t believe Rod gobbled the goop but I saw the footage on t.V. back in 1976 and remember my parents making us leave the room. By the time that happened it was already to late and we saw the whole thing anyhow. I was mortified and so was everyone else in the living room that night. Not sure how much goop he gobbled but the news did report he had to have his stomach pumped, wonder why. Silly faggot , dicks are for chicks !!!

  3. HH is correct. I am 45 years old and in 1976 I too heard the news report about “Roddy Boy”. I will NEVER forget it. To hear something like that on the news back then was extremely taboo. No urban legend here my friends…only truth.

  4. I will always believe this to be true, since I heard this on KISS FM Radio , before getting dressed and going to high school….In fact, as I recalled, it was said he was rushed to hospital with stomach pain…and that 8oz of sperm were pumped outta him…As far as I’m concerned ,
    he should of had a beer chaser…

  5. (Never mind that the amount of semen supposedly pumped out of the subject generally exceeded the capacity of even the largest of stomachs and would have required continuously performing blow jobs for about three days straight to ingest, that semen (in any quantity) isn’t toxic,
    and that someone who ingested too much would at worst feel nauseated for a little while or throw up but wouldn’t be subjected to stomach-pumping. Plausibility has never been a barrier to the spread of popular urban legends.)

    1. I don’t know how old some of you are over there at snopes, but like many whom have already responded, I too recall the story on the nightly news. In Chicago, I seem to recall Bill Kurtis on CBS Channel 2 (WBBM) reading it from the anchor desk. I don’t remember it being exactly from ’76, but the late 70’s does come to mind. Snopes, like many sites, claims to have debunked this rumor citing that no real evidence has ever been produced, that this is simply a variation on the tale, or even Rod himself writing it off as a joke. But does absence of any clear proof close the case? The fact that many repsonders remember this from their television and radio news outlets during the same time period is proof enough to warrant “Inconclusive” status to say the least.

      1. I was going to school in chicago in 1971 and had heard the rumor then, since have heard the rumor about Bon Jovi, Britney Spears and elton John, amoung others.
        The average ejaculation for a guy is between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon, to get 8 Oz would require sperm from between 50-70 guys/
        What makes this real funny is picturing Bill Curtis on WBBM saying, ‘This just in, rod Stewart just had a glob of cum pumped from his stomach’, That would be the most played video on you tube and millions of people would recall it, I mean that is not something you hear every day. This story is the reason the words Urban Legend were coined.

    2. FINALLY SOMEONE WITH SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE!!! I will add to that common sense not only is sperm not toxic and the amount completely ridiculous, but the news is not exactly known for its honesty does no one remember how they news was censored and lied about Vietnam ??? so even back then the news was not a reliable source of information yet somehow people still see it as gospel truth and believe them over their own rational thought and reasoning skills!

  6. I will add my name to list who heard it on LA nightly news. I agree exactly with what has been reported by those above about the veracity of the report. It’s just fine for him if that’s what he likes, and it’s just fine if folks want to deny it, pooh pooh it, or ridicule it. But for me, I am not going to put a penny in this dick-licker’s purse.

  7. HH and Pixie , u are fucking morons. They would have NEVER talked about this on the local , even LA, news back in the mid 70s. I, too, am 45…why is there no news cast of this on you tube ?

    1. haha you funny. Im here to tell you that I SAW IT on the news back in the 70s and it did happen. and you know what?? SO WHAT!! you like his music, not his sex life right? If he sucked cock last night and you liked his concert today, what dose it matter? Some of you people out there are so fucked up about sex thats its sick and scary. ps. it was perfectly legal for the news to report that in the 70s. Theres no law then and no law now that dose not allow a report about sperm in somoenes tummy or whatever and gettting sick from it or whatever. No law at all against that or any similer story.

  8. I too am 45 years of age, and every night we were required to watch the new for homework. It was definitely reported in the 70’s; my guess would be 78.

    1. BINGO. your right. i saw it too on the news. I believe it was around 1978. haha most folks knew ROD STEWART was bi back then. Probley still is. Just because hes married dosent mean jack shit. hahaha im in Reality.

  9. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new
    to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back

  10. I heard of this in Dallas, Tx on the tube in the 70’s. The reason you can’t find videos of this, because you tube and vcr was not heard of. Money can buy the copy right’s from the media.

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