How do you know if Your in Love?

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Wow isn’t that the question? How do ya know if your in love? Let’s think about this a bit…  Ever heard the statement:

I love you, but I’m not IN love with you?

So what’s the difference?

There seems to be some different kinds of love floating around. Agape love which would be unconditional love. And then there’s the falling in love with your mate… Of course this would certainly have conditions right?

Now isn’t it just as easy to fall OUT of love as it is to fall IN love? It has to be right? That’s why there are so many divorces and such. That just seems to be the sign of the times.

You could say I been in a few relationships (understatement) and I can say I have loved them all…But was I IN love? Gee… I guess I’ll  never never know..

But there’s always next time around in the love experiences of life. They happen everyday. All that love poetry!

On my next post I am going to consider good looks, lust, and love.  Ya’ll come back now ya hear?

One Response to “How do you know if Your in Love?”

  • mark:

    As Dave can attest to, I have had a few women in my lifetime. 99% of them I was not in love with,and I had no plans of being in love with them when I met them. I got what i wanted, I think they did also, and we both moved on. There were a couple of girls that thought they were in love with me I think, but I belive it was infatuatiion. I was going through a period in my life when I (I’m not sure how true this is, but it seemed that way at the time) could have darn near any girl I wanted. I was living the rock and roll life style to the fullest.
    Until that one fateful day.

    Now i hope this doesn’t sound cliche or anything, but one day I was driving along by myself and I realized I was tired of the “one night stand” thing. I said a little prayer and asked for a relationship, someone I could come home too. Very soon after that I meant my soul mate.
    I have been married to my wife for almost 18 years now and we lived together for 3 years prior to that.
    This is what makes me believe that I am in love with her. Now, I know you hear these kind of things all the time but believe me they are true once it happens to you.
    1. I think about her all the time.
    This one is probably heard the most of all, but it is true, when you are involved in an activity, doing or seeing somthing and you are think “I wonder what she would think” or ” I bet she would like/dislike this” you are thinking about her.
    2. She is my best friend.
    Ok, this one is heard all the time too. But ask yourself, do you talk to her all the time? Do you try to make a point to remember things so you can tell her about them? Do you choose to spend MOST, not all, of your leisure time with her, because you want to, not because you think you have to? If you said yes to these things then like it or not she’s your best friend. Now I think there are different kinds of friends, but that is another rant.
    3. She’s the only one for me.
    Now, this one is a hard one. You REALLY need to know the difference between love and lust here. Everybody, yes everyone, has lust. It is one of the seven deadly sins, and as a sinful human you cannot avoid it. It’s simple really, look around you, sex sells, and the basis of that is lust. If you lust after the lingerie models you see on TV or in the magazine you are just being human. This DOES NOT mean that you do not love your spouse. Are you willing to give up everything you and her have worked for, devistate your family, and hurt your spouse beyond belief all for a piece of ass? If you are, then you never loved them in the first place.

    Plain and simple, these are the things that tell me I love my wife. There may be other things that tell you that you love your significant other, but you asked me, I didn’t ask you. :)

    as a tag on this rant, and it has absolutly nothing to do with this subject, I would like to post some song lyrics that I heard a few years back and they really touched me.
    Theres an idea Dave, ask some of your subscribers to post their favorite lines from a song.

    This I pledge, and I’ll take to my death
    I’ll lay my life down for you and die over again
    I and I, I’m not ashamed of the Most High
    Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight
    This I pledge and I’ll take it to my death
    You can bet your life on my words and everything I said
    You can’t take away my love for this sacrifice
    Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight

    The Messenjah
    From the album “Satellite”


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