The Gateway Drug?

Mary Jane Effects

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You ever heard that  Marijuana is  a Gateway drug? That you start smoking a little weed and that it will eventually indoctrinate you to “try” harder drugs.

Gateway  Example

I guy is in  high school. At lunchtime he is at the convenience store and buy a quart of beer for lunch.  Some of the high school homeys are doing it every day so…Why not?

Drink that beer down with a sandwich and go back to class and heckle the teacher… Extra fuel for the class clown.

So this becomes a regular lunchtime routine. Then you some dude’s introduce ya to a little “hit” of a joint.  Again, all the rest of the cat’s are doing it so why not? You don’t want to be a “poser” do ya?  Are ya cool or not?

Suddenly you discover that you enjoy the effects of the smoke when mixed with a quart of beer… (never mind the sandwich)

So now ya your in with the cool crown right?  Yo, the  dude’s got some acid. Lets drop and then go to class..  Uh….?

Your going to school sure, But your learning many other things outside of school. Ya know…  drug commerce , networking and sales.

Heck, then you become a farmer.

As time goes by you become involved  in all kinds’  of cool fun and opportunities.   Why go to college if you have a promising career in recreational mild altering substances?

So how did it all start? Was it simply a quart of beer and a Mary Jane smoke?

I dunno… You decide.

4 Responses to “The Gateway Drug?”

  • Once you taste something that you feel very addicting, you will end up to the point that you will always look for it and crave for it. That behavior could is a sense of addiction. Now, if you consider that using it will eliminate tensions, sorrows, hardships on your daily tasks, that is because of the toxic circulated and manipulate your functions and characteristics. Prolong usage of this certain weeds can result you to become impotent, senseless, and even make you psychotic in a long run.

  • Sometimes we really can not avoid to do it again, especially if it is something that we think is good or desirable. This is the reason why we become addicted to some things or substances. If we become addicted to it, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to stop nor to prevent addiction.

  • I don’t think weed is the gateway drug but I know a lot of people disagree with that. I am around drug addicts all the time and if you ask them if they started out by smoking some pot they would most likely say YES. But does that mean its the gateway drug? No because if you asked the hundreds of people you know that are NOT addicts if they smoked some weed they would say they did….but it did not lead them to heroin or whatever.

    One school of thought it that addiction/alcoholism is a disease and you either have it in your genes or you don’t. I can buy that theory as it relates to alcohol because some people can have a few drinks and stop, and some can’t. But with drugs, you start using a little then you want more and the next thing you know you BECOME addicted, you were not born with the addictive gene…in other words, I have never tried heroin but if I did a few times I would most likely become an addict because that is the nature of heroin, not necessarily the nature of my genes.

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