My Opinion – What’s it Worth?

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Well this is my favorite blog… It was a brainstorm of mine after meeting a friend who had a celebrity blog and was making some money at it.. ( A living actually)

It was a crazy dream of mine that people would actually be interested in what DaveStuff actually has to say.  I figured people would often search for “controversial opinion” (and they do) would want to comment on my silly opinions and perhaps contribe to them too.  I am #1 in controversial opinions in google… But to what avail?

I used techniques I learned from ProBlogger to put this site together and hopefully to monetize it! (Do ya see the ads?)

I have not made enough money to even get the first check from Google‘s AdSense program. But that’s OK

I Still Love To Give my Opinions and have more plans to continue this blog and to certainly keep my loyal readers happy… I get anywhere from 20 to 60 visitors every day and would love to keep serving it up!

I’m working on  a new brainstorm now… On a later  post I’ll elaborate on that one…So stayed subscribed… You dig?

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4 Responses to “My Opinion – What’s it Worth?”

  • mark:

    Kinda interested in your “brainstorm” with you it could be anything.
    Theres nothing wrong with posting your opinions on a blog, it kinda goes with something one of my professors told me at college (yes I went for a little while a few years ago, bet you didn’t know that!) “The internet is the first time in history that the sum of all human knowledge is accessible by everyone”
    But it is also too bad that the Internet has become so commercialized. Gone are the days of finding what you came looking for without having to have your credit card at the ready. I used to be able to enjoy surfing the web, learning about things, discovering new things. Now it’s kinda like watching an infomercial, you almost get what you want then they hit you with “only $19.95 to find just what you’re looking for”. When was the last time you talked to someone and they told you about how they surfed for hours, time got away from them and they stayed up way to late. No one does that anymore because the Internet is now a pretty boring place, half of what you read are lies and the other half is a commercial. The only thing that is halfway interesting is people’s blogs, and their opinions on things.

    It seems to me that people read blogs because that way that can sit in the privacy of there own home and pass judgment on other people and there opinions. Comment if they want to, or just sit at their computer and say, “this dudes an ________” (insert whatever you like)
    But I am one of them, I have commented on your blog and now that I am a subscriber I will comment on other blogs in the future.
    Peace my friend.

  • Indeed brotha….
    The internet is nothing like it used to be.
    And EVERYBODY wants to get paid. Infomoercial – That’s great!

    It’s funny tho with the internet around It’s funny to think how we used to live without it… It’s just so easy to go look something up in a second. Even tho the information could certainly be wrong or out dated…

    Kind of like cell phones…

    How the heck did we actually manage our lives with simple land lines and pay phones?

  • Now, now… Let’s not get to carried away bemoaning the overtly commercial nature of the internet, those of us whose livelihood comes from the development of online e-commerce systems depends on this trend. I must disagree with your initial assessment – The sum of human knowledge is still out there – unfortunately, you have to wade through mountains of User Generated content, You-Tube videos and Facebook pages to get at it. Honestly though, what’s more entertaining, a research paper on pre-roman pottery or a you-tube video of a kid hitting his dad in the balls with a T-ball bat??

  • Oh yeah….That “Tom” guy at Myspace is laughing his ass off. He is making TOTAL bank and not even have to lift a finger for content.

    All that stuff is bound to get played out eventually huh?

    And her I am typing my fingers off to try to get the first $100 payout from google … It’s just pitiful..


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