Sept 22 Birthday – What Happened?

Bigger Big Mac
Image by Simon Miller via Flickr

Today is September 22. It’s my birthday.  I have been blogging daily  for about a month on this site after letting it go to limbo for awhile.

What Happened?

Well I had an awakening. I thought I’d just see what would happen if I posted everyday without fail. (I hope)

What Happened?

  • Double the  subscriber’s
  • Double the Traffic
  • More Ad clicks (about 3)
  • Triple the Twitter Followers
  • Some new online friends?

Since it’s my birthday I thought I’d just do a quick post and then treat myself to a Big Mac and a recent release.. Uh…Maybe…

In the meantime be so kind and check out some of these old posts that I re-worked recently.  And feel free to check out any of my sponsors :)

With over 300 Posts on this blog I got a lot of reworking to do. Or I could let it become a sleeping blog once again. But I’m just having too much fun.

You dig?

What Happened?

You born on Sept 22?
This is what happened


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