Star Trek – Fist Fight – Kirk and Picard.

You hipster’s like Star Trek?  Have you ever thought what would happen if Captain’s Kirk and Picard had a fistfight? So do you have some time? Let’s consider these old Star Trek debates.

Space Debates

  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  • Who’s the hottest? Counselor or Doctor. (next generation)
  • Best engineer – Scotty or La Forge
  • Do the ‘red shirts’ always get killed?
  • Did they break the ‘Prime Directive’ AGAIN???
  • Fist Fight – Kirk or Picard?

This has been a very old debate

I remember this fist fight stuff  being discussed on the internet  way back when the internet was young.  I don’t frequent Star Trek forums or chat’s or anything… But here I am tonight *thinking* about it again.  Yes folks which one is better??

On the original series Kirk was throwing down all the time.  He was always just taking the bull by the horns and beaming on down and taking care of stuff… You dig?  Picard liked to stay in his ready room and read Shakespeare.  Hey…Whatever works, right?

I’m sure Picard had plenty of hand to hand combat training too… Back at star fleet in his college days.

So which is it huh? Kirk or Picard?  I just gotta know.

Hey, wait a minute here. I just found something.  Never mind the fistfight…… How about and all out:


Hey.  I won’t spoil it for ya! You just gotta watch it.  Well, if ya got the time 🙂

JJ Abrams – Star Trek Review

Enterprise NX-01 of Star Trek Enterprise
Image via Wikipedia

The original crew of the Starship Enterprise as young men and women is what we get from director J.J. Abrams and his writers in the ’09 “Star Trek,” a stirring adventure flick. Chris Pine (Jim Kirk) could use some charm and the plot could use a little less nonsense, but I thrilled at this-and-that–at some of Abrams’s action footage and the clever interaction between the Enterprise’s people.

The film is adeptly directed, edited, photographed and production-designed. It is a nice, fresh scene when Spock (Zachary Quinto) enters the ship elevator, then Uhura–Spock’s girlfriend! (Zoe Saldana)–enters, after which the dark-skinned officer sweetly comforts the quiet Vulcan now that evil Romulans have murdered his mother. Cropping up, too, are a couple of interesting images of planets being destroyed through implosion. Although lacking in charm, Pine is hardly uncompelling, while Quinto is merely okay. I’m not very assiduous about looking for cinematic sexism but, as often happens in movies, a woman–Saldana–gets half-naked for a brief while, but no man ever does. Maybe next time. Be that as it may, “ST” is almost as much fun as Abrams’s wacky TV series, “Lost.” As dramatic entertainment it means business. Permission to come on board.