12 ounce (355 ml) can of Coca Cola C2.
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Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? You would pull up to a grocery store and they would have this stand up there… You step up to the little booth and they give you 2 tiny cups of soda and you tell them which one you think tastes the best.

I chose coke… I had to think about it for a minute tho.. My mom had always told me that “Pepsi tastes’ like Coke with dirt in it”.  Well, when I took the actual “test” I couldn’t tell…And honestly, in that setting, thought that Pepsi MAY taste just a little bit better…

Uh… Nope.

I’m a Coke guy for life hipsters…That’s just the way it is… Now that i’m older and slower and bigger and all I have decided to switch to the diet variety.