hot sauce and holy water
Image by ~Asturnut~ via Flickr

I went to school with the brotha’s, ya dig? We have an understanding. Hot Sauce is the real test as to rather your “Ghetto” or an Oreo cookie. Now… Does Obama carry around a bottle of cheap hot sauce in his briefcase?

And Who is Obama? What’s that cat’s name mean? Hmmm?


a Luo name (male) from Western Kenya (Nyanza Provice) which may derive from “obam,” which conotes “bending” or “leaning”

Let’s say he can bend stuff back into some kind of reason here in the USA.And help us learn to quit spending… Among other things…Geez….

Update: Well he loves spending to. It’s been awhile since this post was created. But it can still be timeless!

Obama love’s hot sauce…The test is passed 🙂