A surfer performing a gash, or very sharp turn...
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Well here we are surfing the internet with nothing to do.  So much information and we sit and do it for hours.

My addictive personality confirms that when I get into something I can’t quit and just keep on going and going and going. Like the engergizer bunny.

My house is a wreck from all of the addiction I submitted myself to lately. I went ahead, despite my knowing better and just did what felt good or the moment… It was a mistake.

Now, of course I simply traded one addiction for another… Playing on Facebook, dating sites, news sites and blogs…

The internet is a hard on relationships… Or good.. Depends on how you look at.  I have met many great people on the internet.  Others that were great, after getting together it seemed the internet was a tool to ruin us. Go figure?

There are certainly worse things this hipster could do than sit in front of the screen 4 to 6 hours running talking to people.  But how constructive is the conversation anyways… Is it for good, or bad? What are the motives?

Wow, I’m certainly asking myself a lot of questions today…And as a friend points out… I already know the answers… Ha ha…

Glad ya surfed on by… Keep coming back!