You know I used to be a bible teacher… That would be Sunday School at a local Baptist church… I was a singles teacher which is often the hardest teaching position in a church to fill…People don’t want to mess with singles and their problems. Do YOU? But how many problems do singles actually have?

It’s funny… Many people that are married or together with somebody will envy their single friends…And then single people want to be with somebody… It just goes round and round.

Where does one go to get “hooked up”? With the success of MySpace and other networking sites it appears more and more are going with the internet to pick up dates. (Been there done that myself) For better or worse…  :O

It’s easy to pass hours at a time talking to prospects on the other end of a computer… As un tangable as that might be… People talk about “falling in love” over the internet without ever meeting the person face to face… Very strange.

But hey! It’s all good… You can have that guy that looks like your dad on TV over at EHarmony sign you up with a credit card to meet thousands of people that are looking for love. And their “system” matches you up perfectly with a mate…What could be better?