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What do you think about Marijuana? You know that wacky weed. Opinion’s vary as to rather it is a good thing or an evil drug that’s taking  over peoples life’s.

This is demonstrated in the old propaganda film Refer Madness.

Harmless Pot?

Refer madness is silly. It’s good to examine what we really believe about marijuana.  It is  a good thing?  I dunno.

I have put together a list of observations that I have noticed through the years in my travels in the adventures of life. The list is in  question form so you, my loyal surfer’s can see if you have had these same considerations.

The Pot Quiz

  1. Do you believe pot should be legalized?
  2. Do you think that pot is the safest drug that people can consume?
  3. Do you consider pot a “gateway” drug? (leads to harder drugs)
  4. If you knew you had to take a drug test tomorrow – Would you smoke pot anyways?
  5. Do you believe  pot enhances creativity? Spirituality?
  6. Do you believe pot should be used as pain management medication?
  7. Is it a myth that pot makes you lazy and stupid? That it can actually enhance productivity?
  8. Could pot help bring about world peace?
  9. Since pot is all natural…Do you believe it is “God given” and that He completely condones its use?
  10. Did you get “high” the first time you smoked pot?

If you answered yes to most of these questions.Then you could possibly be.

A POT HEAD! You dig?

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Perhaps if they went ahead and legalized that stuff we could get out of the economic  meltdown that’s happening as I write this post.

Oh, that’s a question that didn’t make it on the list.

11. Can pot help solve the economy crisis?