Watched the movie “Traffic” the other day… What a fun ride… People ratting and honor students getting high talking about the futility of society… One of the Kid’s dad was the main player on the war on drugs. He got to talk about it with the president. Figure out the plan to stop people from getting high.
There were cop’s and robbers and kingpins all making plans too. They all had an agenda. It just goes round and round.  It just keeps raging…For decades.
It’s Hollywood of course… But if that stuff is even close to being true then it should be enough to make people think. But you you can’t learn any lessons from Hollywood. Those Hollywood types are all wacky liberal homosexuals anyways..  They don’t have a clue… (sarcasm)
But great movie anyways. Check it out at the $5.00 bargain bin at your local Wal Mart… It’s worth every cent… And you can watch it over and over!