Is Smoking Cigarettes Bad for You?

In a word: YES! Smoking is bad for you…Ask any smoker…They (we) all know this. And we are all trying to quit. That would be almost 50 million of us that know it’s bad… And yet we keep doing it… What a trip!

How do you know it’s bad? It says (in effect) that it will kill you right on the side of the pack… Smoking contains carbon monoxide… Isn’t that deadly?

Many cigarette companies offer little pamphlets in the pack or carton that offer websites and tools to help you quit… Perhaps even THEY know it’s bad for you. Go figure… Or it may be that they have been in hot water before because of lawsuits. They knew it kills people and is very addictive…And they made it more addictive. So are they responsible? I don’t know..We smokers already know it’s bad for you… Right?

Gee after typing all that I need a smoke…

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Weekend Fun with Guns

It’s Friday night.. Maybe it would be a good time to take your gun and go out drinking…I used to go out drinking. But never with a gun. Hey this could be something new for me. I always like new experiences!Perhaps I could go to the local Wal Mart… Buy a cheap gun and then do some bar hoping to see what happens.

It’s FRY day night after all… And the evenings still young! Then I could blog about it tomorrow. Providing I make it home alive. Do you think its headed for trouble?

Thanks for checkin my blog.. Happy weekendings!

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Christmas – A Pagan Holiday?

My cousin told me a few years back that Christmas was actually a “pagan” holiday. Or that it was actually a “festival” for the farmers because they knew winter was coming and it kind of sucked for them and they decided to throw a big party to brighten their gloom.

You ever heard about something like that?

Christmas is fun…For the kids… But for us parents it’s a bit of a pain in the you know what… Do you agree?

Is Obama the Anti Christ?

This guy was telling me that Barak Obama was the anti Christ. He said that it was predicted in the Bible that he would come and lead the world into Armageddon… That is the last world war that destroys the entire earth.

He said it was predicted that the world would end in the year 2012
and that coinsideds with the Obama term. Isn’t that strange?

He said it all fits together because his Dad was a Muslim
(and so is he) and that his relationship with shady terrorists confirms it all. It’s a strage world huh?

Allergy Problems

Ok. I can’t freakin’ breathe. -And it sucks

For me, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for these brutal attacks. They just come. In any season.

This week I am attempting to get rid of the stuff before it sit’s and becomes infected by using a Ghetto version of Musinex. Us blue collar folks can’t afford the name brand med’s because Bush has made everything cost so much. (I blame the worlds problems on his administration)

The stuff (snot) is hopefully thinning out the crap that invades and I can blow it out so it doesn’t wind up as a full blown sinus infection… Which often seems to happen when I get these attacks… Then, of course, it’s doctor time. And I ain’t got no insurance right now.And you know what that means… About $100 plus med’s.

Oh my God it sounds like the end of the world doesn’t it?

File Sharing

Everybody does it I guess… Of course you can buy cheap music from sites other than the big ones…I believe they are hosted in Russia or something.
Like this one.

The Limewire experience sucks anyways… Tons of fake files and viruses…Tons of duplicate files and other risky junk from that horrible network of computer pirates.

But of course the music industry pushed for all of this digital crap..Right? They wanted to move forward with CD’s and put cassettes and vinyl records out the window for-ever…. Now that stuff is easy duplicated at full quality and shared… With Everyone…Worldwide.

You want U2’s complete catalog?
It’s there for the taking… If you want to take the risk… And or course it’s morally wong and illegal…Agreed?