Barak Oboma – The White House Smoke Hole

Us smokers are probably ready to send a pack of cigarettes to the Obama White House. What a wonderful day it would be to take a smoke break with Barak out in the backyard. Is there a smoke hole at the White House.

Sure, He promises to not smoke in the White House but we addicted smokers  know better. With all the problems he is going to inherit from Bush he will just have to go take in some stress relieving smoke! And besides, he said not IN the white house… What about OUTSIDE?

Plus, going out to smoke in the smoke hole will give him a chance to hang with all the “regular Joes” get in on a little gossip and maybe even get a few tips on how to streangthen the economy.

I have heard some brilliant ideas while having a smoke with some complete strangers… It’s a great way to connect with people.

But Barak, smoking is very bad for you! Did you know that?

Bush Dodging Shoes

I never knew that guy could move so quickly! George Bush has some pretty good reflexes. Ducking those shoes that that guy is throwing at him!

I haven’t been impressed with much of anything that Bush has done… I blame him for EVERYTHING… But now I’m getting a better opinon about him!

Move Bush MOVE! He’s quick!

Alfred E Newman – No Worries ever known anybody that reminds you of this guy? I’d like to wear that badge myself. With so many things to be worried about.
What, Me Worry?

Be like Alfred E. Newman
… And kind of kick back and enjoy the ride… Let’s make a parody at how bad things look on the surface… It just aint’ all that bad… 🙂

Obama – The Evil Taxman?

Every time I pick up a newspaper or watch a little TV I hear that Obama’a gonna raise taxes… He’s going to raise:

  • Income Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Drug Tax
  • Alcohol Tax
  • Business Tax
  • Plumbing Tax
  • Did I leave anybody out?

It’s like he is going to tax us to death… With him running things my life is going to be so taxed I won’t have enough for may weekly McDonald’s…And he is gonna tax THEM too… They will have to do away with the dollar menu… OH MY GOD! The HUMANITY

Joe the Plumper may as well go to welding school because there is no way he will EVER afford to have his own pluming shop… He’s going to get taxed to death…

Tax tax tax TAX! There’s one for you nineteen for me! TAXMAN OBAMA!

It’s like reverse psychology… They keep saying that the democrats are going to tax the hell out of us poor working people…Er, we (poor folks ) all know that’s the republicans job… Isn’t that what the “trickle down” stuff of Reagan was all about?

I bet if I pick up a Tulsa World tomorrow it will say the same thing. Or somebody might say that we will cease to be America

Economic Meltdown Carter and Clintons Fault?

Tonight is the final debate with Obama and McCain. What can a country do? Is McCain gonna kick his ass?

When this race started the big issue was ending the war over there in Iraq. People were getting tired of it going on year after year. Death after death. George Jr’s war mongering ways.

Now with this crash, the banks and everybody else seems to be going broke. This has taken over this race front and center.

I read in the Tulsa World today about this meltdown being caused by President Carter and Clinton or something. Way back many moons ago. But I see, er, Bush and Chaney running things for the past 8 years. It’s funny people want to go way back and blame Carter or something. I live in the here and now. Don’t most of us?

The “Liberal Media” (which I am part) is waiting in anticipation for the election to go over to Obama. Now you know this…

Tomorrow I think I’ll comment about the “Liberal Media”

MacCains Music and Copyright Issues

It appears that McCain’s campaign likes to use copyrighted material on ad’s over at Utube…They keep taking them down because this is against the law.

But then the artists of the music being used on the ad’s are getting exposure…Perhaps it would entice McCain supporters to buy the records. I dunno…

I wonder which music star would want to allow McCain to use their stuff for his ad’s? It seems that most popular culture musicians and actors lean to the left and generally are democrat…

I suppose Ted Nugent would allow McCain to rock some ad’s with some of his songs… You know Cat Scratch Fever or Stangelhold… Rock on… I love that guy..Ted….

Happy Bow Hunting