Astrology Predicts Addiction – Harvest Moon

Astrology Addiction

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Can Astrology predict if your gonna be addicted to drugs and  and alcohol? Maybe… I had a rather interesting experience on my birthday.

Check It:

I was hanging out on the phone last night with a dear friend under the Harvest Moon. We were talking about life, addiction, astrology, relationships, spirituality, ya know, all that fun stuff

I didn’t know it was the harvest moon

So I decided to take a look at it and see what it was all about.  While surfing around I came across this daily astrology blog.  (I subscribed) I found her post for my birthday  quite interesting.

Allow Me to Quote:

Meanwhile, the “Tender, Compassionate” Pisces Moon is tending to the last of her “prayer requests.” We may want to do likewise (Pisces rules our “link to the Divine”). Later, the Pisces Moon will be restocking the “oceanic bar” with a fresh, 30-day supply of liquor, which she fears may not be enough to last out the whole month now with “Always Thirsty” Jupiter back into Pisces “inebriated waters, “alongside that very “Erratic Drinker” Uranus. Jupiter conjoined Uranus in “drinking hole” Pisces can give a rich “fondness for alcohol” since Pisces rules liquor. Jupiter is also not known “for moderation,” especially when conjoined with Impulsive Uranus who also has difficulty “tempering his impulses.” If we normally have “problems holding our liquor” we may be well-advised to “leave it alone,” for awhile, particularly while this “potent aspect” is in operation.
Cosmic Life Coach

Pretty  “Cosmic” Indeed

Check out  the  keywords!

OK… You cat’s that know me  understands that I don’t hold my liquor very well.  Uh…Let me rephrase that:

I can’t hold my liquor at all.

So you can see that I was quite amazed by that post.  Now let’s see here.. Maybe I should check out today’s post…  Uh… ……  …….

Well…Uh…. I’ll do it later… You dig?

Until then I think I’ll take her tip:
“Leave it Alone”
today. 🙂

What’s it like to be High?

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What’s it like to be high?

  • Pot
  • Booze
  • Meth
  • Oxy
  • Acid
  • X
  • Coke

You ever been high on any of those drugs? Well some of us hipsters have a master’s degree when it comes to these through massive experimentation.

There’s no real way to actually describe the feeling without the experience itself..  But I found a site And it shows ya!

Well sorta. It explains it rather. Perhaps you should just go and and work on a degree yourself.

But there are risks
These include but not limited to:

  • Judges
  • Police
  • Jail
  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Institutions
  • Fines
  • Bankruptcy
  • Fun

I included fun at the bottom of the list. I thought I’d give some kinda positive spin on it.  Like I have heard it said:

I don’t “DO” drugs. I “TAKE” them.

So… Uh…Yeah… Lets get high!!!  Rehab is available in all major cities.

Pink Floyd – Do They Trip on Acid?

Pink Floyd on Acid

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Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands… I can  trip on acid to almost any of their records all they way back to the beginning. If I tripped on acid 😉

They were the first to really do the “space sound” You know what I mean?

They are the poster children of Acid Music. Right? But were they actually acid junkies? Somebody recently was telling me that Roger Waters says he rarely ever took  acid… He just enjoyed having a few beers…Wow… I thought it took acid to actually influence them to come up with that spacey sound.

Which perhaps leads me to another post for tomorrow (or sometime)
Does Drugs enhance creativity?

Mary Jane and Stupidity.

“Mary Jane” cover
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Hey man, lets go get “stupid”

That’s what one cat told me when he wanted to go smoke a joint one time… Sure I went and lit up and all but the term really made me consider things…
DOES pot make you stupid? Heck why do you think they call it “dope”

I have always thought it was a rather harmless drug… Alcohol seems to kill more innocent (and not so innocent) people…The war on pot seems never ending expensive and pointless.

But does it make you stupid? Well, I dunno… Dude, but I made straight D’s and some F’s in high school back in the DAZE! -I think cause I was high… Even the idiots in pineapple express realized that they couldn’t seem to get it together because they were so high… I guess they did in the end though…

Nobody thought that movie was funny did they
? Guess ya had to be high.. 🙂

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Meth Recipe… Cooks Welcome

I have looked high and low on the internet to learn how to become a cook and blow up my house. Turn my back yard into a toxic waist dump…. (Have the neighbors over for a backyard get together. Don’t forget your kids.)

Steps 1- 10 get’s you about a pound of meth… One days work and you can just sit around with no job and watch dirty movies. Make the big bucks… Of course the price is high when you get caught.

Before and After

Oklahoma used to be one of the biggest Meth manufacturing states until the new democratic governor put restrictions on the cold med’s used in making the drug. You have to show your license to buy them from behind the pharmacy.

Do people here in OK still make meth? You bet… It’s easy…You simply send out your housefull of tweakers to go buy as much cold medicine as they can…Then meet back at the lab and cook away…

That is if you have the recipe. Which I don’t have… I guess it’s handed down from one crankster family to another. Because I don’t think its anywhere on the internet… Well, maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. There are ton’s of bad neighborhoods on the net that I choose to stay away from…

Crank – Even Radio personalities do it.