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“The Stoning of Soraya M.” in all its horror – A Movie Review

”]Cover of "The Stoning of Soraya M. [Blu-r...

2009’s The Stoning of Soraya M., directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, dramatizes the true story of a woman who was victimized in an “honor killing” in an Iranian village.  The charge of adultery against Soraya was false, but her vile husband wanted her dead so that no financial support would have to follow a desired divorce.  A verdict was reached and Soraya was put to death by stoning.

Don’t act like the hypocrite,

Who thinks he can conceal his wiles

While loudly quoting the Koran.

These words by a 14th-century Iranian poet are written on the screen before the film begins.  Hypocrisy both religious, represented by a phony mullah and the village mayor, and nonreligious, represented by the husband, is attacked in Soraya M. So, of course, is the backward, depersonalizing attitude toward women in the Islamic world.  Soraya’s energetic aunt, played by Shoreh Aghdashloo, tries to save her niece from what is being plotted, but is constantly pushed to the side.  As the stoning begins she is nearly hysterical:  she understands the horror of this brutal treatment.  The stoning sequence is one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a movie–infuriatingly bloody and ugly.

Nowrasteh’s film is worthy of comparison with the neorealist cinema of De Sica.  It is a straightforward, grim, compassionate indictment of theocratic authorities in Iran.  Mozhan Marno is first-rate, with her fortitude and anguish, as Soraya.

What is a Hipster?

What is a Hipster? What are they like? 50% Hipster

  • Sub-culture  freaks
  • Modern thinkers
  • Progressive polices
  • Art appreciation
  • Underground music
  • Quick witted ramblings
  • Thrift store clothing
  • Out dated tennis shoes
  • Critical of mainstream culture
  • Unkempt hair
  • Pretentious
  • Narcissistic
  • Pot heads
  • Cheap import beer
  • Coffee
  • “Crap”  Comic Book
  • Liberal art degree’s
  • Effortlessly cool
  • Buddhism
  • Universal Christianity
  • 2% Body Fat
  • Denial of being a “hipster” (stereotype)
  • Poet’s
  • Non-conformists
  • Independent film
  • 18-30 age range

Look at them – I guess I meet maybe 50% of the requirements.  It’s all a state of mind of course.  Just sayen’

Who’s playing the guitar on Beatles records?

An acoustic guitar
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Ever wonder which guy in the Beatles is playing the guitar? They were all guitar players right? There seems to be some mixed opinions about this.

It has been known for years that Geogre Harrison brought in Eric Clapton to play the leads on While my Guitar Gently weeps during the White Album sessions.  I have often wondered who else is playing on that record. They were really starting to get on each other’s nerves by then.

Well, I was just reading a Beatles magazine that my daughter brought home for me and it has a articla about the recording of the Revlover album. It seems that Harrison was struggling with the solo on “Taxman”. He goofed with it for a few hours and Gearge Martin suggested that Paul give it a try.

So apparently Paul plays the guitar solo on Taxman. A Harrison song.

It says also that Paul plays the solo for the Lennon song Good Morning on the Sgt Pepper album. Geeze….Who knew?

Guess you can learn something everyday. Especially  when your kid brings home a magazine.

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