Is Jim Morrison Really Dead?

I’m going but I need a little time… I promised I would drown myself in mystic heated wine.

Jim (my hero) was found dead in a bathtub.
He was living in Paris  and is now buried over there in some famous graveyard.They want to kick him out because all the heathens are always in there defacing stuff. Does he even deserve to be in that graveyard?

I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe he has just as much talent as the rest of the famous people buried there. There shouldn’t be a restriction on who get’s buried where should there?

People believe that Jim is not really dead…That he simply got tired of the rock and roll lifestyle and southern comfort that he plotted his own death to “escape” Now he just chills at the beach or something. Maybe ghost writing for somebody between glasses of booze and hangovers.

Strange Days…

Now Elvis is buried in his backyard… But he may not be dead either…

Did Courtney Kill Kurt Cobain?

Wow, that rock and roll couple was a mess huh? I enjoyed Nirvana busting out on the scene. It was some fresh air to all the stagnant garbage that was happening before then.. It was about time some good ol punk influenced music hit the map again.

Then Kurt blew his brains out… Hmmm? Now, lets take a look at things.. Kurt and Court were on the heroin train right? That’s when I lot of folks come up with some great stuff 🙂 Check David Bowie s Scary Monsters.

So, I’m sure that Kurt had a few good songs laying around that he was working on between heroin naps.  Courtney came up with a plan to make those songs her own. Her band wasn’t getting anywhere anyways. She needed some good songs. So instead of just asking him to help her out she had him whacked.

Many don’t believe it
… But it’s all making since to me now… I got a real good feeling about this one…

Why Do We Road Rage?

I was driving around the other day and watched a guy laying on his horn with his middle finger up out the window while making a slow left hand turn at a stop light. I don’t know why or who he was pissed at but it was funny watching him freak out.

Wow, there is a ONE guy that is really pissed out here on the road. Now maybe it’s time for TWO to be pissed. I’ll just jump right on in there and lay on my horn too. Maybe we can just get the entire intersection tripping.

I have heard it so many times before… “These people in Oklahoma just don’t know how to drive” That’s how it all start’s folks. When somebody thinks they are right.  And EVERYBODY else is wrong. (honk honk You F#&%king Ba%&$tard) It’s on Brother…

Just don’t take it to work with ya.

Are Chiropractors Quacks?

Your going to need chiropractic care for the rest of your life. That’s what the guy told me after a free visit given to me at the State Fair. I kept telling him I wasn’t in pain but he insisted that I was…
The dark room with the massage chair and nice music was cool. As was the pretty girls that worked there trying to get me to come back 3 times per week. What can I say?

Recreational Pot Use

You come home from a hard days work… Grab your glass bong load a bowl and sit back and watch the evening news about Politics and stuff.. You have another, maybe watch some cartoons, and then eat some dinner. Go work on a hobby for awhile (like blogging) and then have a little night cap and go back bed and do it all over the next day.

Now come on folks… Is there really anything wrong with that?