Economic Meltdown Carter and Clintons Fault?

Tonight is the final debate with Obama and McCain. What can a country do? Is McCain gonna kick his ass?

When this race started the big issue was ending the war over there in Iraq. People were getting tired of it going on year after year. Death after death. George Jr’s war mongering ways.

Now with this crash, the banks and everybody else seems to be going broke. This has taken over this race front and center.

I read in the Tulsa World today about this meltdown being caused by President Carter and Clinton or something. Way back many moons ago. But I see, er, Bush and Chaney running things for the past 8 years. It’s funny people want to go way back and blame Carter or something. I live in the here and now. Don’t most of us?

The “Liberal Media” (which I am part) is waiting in anticipation for the election to go over to Obama. Now you know this…

Tomorrow I think I’ll comment about the “Liberal Media”

Collection Phone Calls – Evil Credit Cards

Let’s see… You get 20 phone calls a day on both your cell and home phones… You make sure you have caller ID which usually display any number of unknown area codes or “withheld” caller ID results. – That’s when you don’t answer the phone.

Why? Because you owe those guys a lot of money… You were one of the suckers that bought into the idea that you deserve to have that trip to Hawaii and all those toys for the house. Lifestyles of the rich and famous…For a season.

You don’t have the money to do that stuff on what you make but the banks just keep handing it over… And more on the way as new cards are constantly arriving in the mail “Pre approved”.. It will always have a nice picture of a beach somewhere telling you that you deserve to have good things.

Then after a few months of steak dinners and brand new TV’s and CD’s for the car you are suddenly cut off and a slave to a debt that CANT be paid off without winning some kind of Lottery or Publishers Clearing House.

I told them I only made $11.00 per hour.
And that I can’t manage money very well. I guess they considered that enough to give me a twenty thousand dollar credit card.

Grab that checkbook sir and let’s  do a payment plan right over the phone…We can just automatically take it out of your account for your convenience.

McCain Blames Obama for the Failed Bailout?

The McCain camp says Obama infused debate with ‘necessary partisanship‘ as the bailout fails. Hmmm? Like Obama had anything to do with that mess. I suppose the Republicans are going to spin this great depression stuff on to the democrates somehow.

What the heck is partisanship anyways?

These banks , wall street and Bush economic polocies are crazy. I remember when bush did away with bankruptcy awhile back. Or, he made it harder and more expensive for us poor folks to file it…The credit card companies praised his work on this matter..

Around the same time I remember Bush trying to take my overtime away. Oh, he said I could work it… Just not get paid the time and 1/2. Lets just screw the hell out of us poor working people…Fortunately it didn’t pass the way he wanted it. I still get my overtime to be able to afford a cup of Starbucks once a week.

With this kind of crap going on I don’t see how McCain can win.. Right here at the end of Bush’s term we are going to hell in a handbasket. A financial crisis is at hand… No matter what Obama did or says.

So What’s up?
Most people see the banks getting what they diserve anyways for loaning money carelessly to people (like myself) who can’t afford to pay it back. Shame on me…

Maybe the government should hand over a few K to bail me out!

Ever on hold with the bank?

I got some weird letter and check from my bank the other day… It’s talking about how I didn’t give them enough money on a line of credit. I was behind after getting laid off and other stupid decisions on my part.

I got the situation fixed
but then they sent me back a check for some amount that was paid earlier. (when i was really broke I sent them what I could)

The problem is the check is made out to my late wife. She has been gone for 3 years. I have told them this repeatedly but they just never seem to understand… Why does it have to be so complicated. I wish I could just pull the money out of there.

I went to a branch to get it sorted out and the gal who helped this hipster out was on hold for more than 30 minutes…They finally said they would re-issue the check in my name… Duh Er..That was easy.

She get’s paid by the hour…Good thing it was on her phone instead of my cell – Burning up my precious minutes. Lord have mercy…

Great Depresion 08

I read about some huge investment company fixing go belly up and file for bankruptcy. It was going to send the country and world into a huge depression you know.

Maybe the end. As we know it.

Bible prophecy says “Your gold and silver will be tainted. In the end days”.

Of course our gold and silver has been tainted for years. You know the Pink Floyd song Money right? Say they say… Is the root of evil today.

Well I guess the US government came thru and bailed them out for the time being. Gave ’em 8 billion or something.

File Sharing

Everybody does it I guess… Of course you can buy cheap music from sites other than the big ones…I believe they are hosted in Russia or something.
Like this one.

The Limewire experience sucks anyways… Tons of fake files and viruses…Tons of duplicate files and other risky junk from that horrible network of computer pirates.

But of course the music industry pushed for all of this digital crap..Right? They wanted to move forward with CD’s and put cassettes and vinyl records out the window for-ever…. Now that stuff is easy duplicated at full quality and shared… With Everyone…Worldwide.

You want U2’s complete catalog?
It’s there for the taking… If you want to take the risk… And or course it’s morally wong and illegal…Agreed?