LSD Acid Trip – Never come back?

You hipsters ever been on a LSD trip? You know, drop some acid and and then go to the county fair?  Dudes have told that  it’s “nothing but a good time”

Maybe… My thoughts are taking something that makes you straight up insane for over 8 hours not so fun. Like being in a living haunted house.  In fact a slang term for LSD is crazy

Then there is the idea of  “not coming back” You just go off on that stuff and stay there for the rest of your life. Does it happen? Well they say  it did to Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. The famous rock and roll acid casualty.

So you go to a LSD party and drop some acid… Then you gotta go to the bathroom… When you go in and the mirror is there,
This is what happens.

Now, don’t that look like fun?

Is there a private club at Disneyland?

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Disneyland. The place where dreams come true.  But what if ya want drink? Mom and dad may want to tie one on after all… Relieve a little stress of Mickey and the crew… You dig?

It’s been suggested that there is a “private club” inside Disneyland where that is actually happening.. My understanding is you have to be a “member” to get a drink in there…What gives?

If I were a drinking man and was having a hot day waiting in long lines I might want to stop off somewhere and down a few pints of Guinness to “take the edge” away from a potentially stressful day.

Hey now… It’s a small world after all…Right?

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Is Red Wine Good for You?

Red Wine Good Stuff!

This friend of mine was telling me that red wine is good for you. He says it’s good for your heart.  And it won’t put on all those extra claries that beer will. Of course wine is fine but wiskey’s quicker or so they say.

It’s all about moderation of course… So is a 3 liter box every day too much?

Hey…The Chicks dig the wine too.. ya dig?

Fun stuff…Till the bill comes.

Traffic – The War on Drugs!

Watched the movie “Traffic” the other day… What a fun ride… People ratting and honor students getting high talking about the futility of society… One of the Kid’s dad was the main player on the war on drugs. He got to talk about it with the president. Figure out the plan to stop people from getting high.
There were cop’s and robbers and kingpins all making plans too. They all had an agenda. It just goes round and round.  It just keeps raging…For decades.
It’s Hollywood of course… But if that stuff is even close to being true then it should be enough to make people think. But you you can’t learn any lessons from Hollywood. Those Hollywood types are all wacky liberal homosexuals anyways..  They don’t have a clue… (sarcasm)
But great movie anyways. Check it out at the $5.00 bargain bin at your local Wal Mart… It’s worth every cent… And you can watch it over and over!

Laughing Gas Buzz

Laughing gas… Yep… I was buzzing while sitting in the torture chamber. I had dreams of rocking chair people and marmalade pies. And, my mind was still drifting in and out of the high piercing sound of the dentist’s drill..What a combination.

The appointment seemed to go on and on
…But the time was well spent while I deeply inhaled. And of course the possibility of keeping my teeth for a few more years…But was that the real reason I went? Well, of course 🙂

I floated on a cloud… Gee, the next appointment ain’t until January…That’s when my insurance fills up again… Guess I could always just get a few cans of whip cream… Nawww… It aint’ ALL that great after all…

Is Smoking Cigarettes Bad for You?

In a word: YES! Smoking is bad for you…Ask any smoker…They (we) all know this. And we are all trying to quit. That would be almost 50 million of us that know it’s bad… And yet we keep doing it… What a trip!

How do you know it’s bad? It says (in effect) that it will kill you right on the side of the pack… Smoking contains carbon monoxide… Isn’t that deadly?

Many cigarette companies offer little pamphlets in the pack or carton that offer websites and tools to help you quit… Perhaps even THEY know it’s bad for you. Go figure… Or it may be that they have been in hot water before because of lawsuits. They knew it kills people and is very addictive…And they made it more addictive. So are they responsible? I don’t know..We smokers already know it’s bad for you… Right?

Gee after typing all that I need a smoke…

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