Prozac – Psych Med’s and Doctors

Lots of people are feeling blue these days… Pharmaceutical companies are raking in the profits for psych med’s. It’s a very controversial thing… Many believe that the drug companies are in cahoots with the politicians and the doctors are in cahoots with the drug companies and it’s all about money… Not about getting people well..

I could give a review of Prozac. I took it for a while after my wife died… I was feeling about as blue as a boy can be. I was amazed by how much better I felt … I was happier..  I had headaches, but as I kept taking it the headaches faded…

Happy pills… But then through other trials in life I would stop and then start and then try to “catch up” by taking a double dose or something…This caused other emotions and problems… Then I was prescribed another drug… Abilify.. Which made me feel like I was walking in a swamp or something… Then depekote which made me feel tired..

Now I don’t take ANY med’s at all except some asprin or allergy medicine… Clean living… Let’s be natural… But if you do need the med’s…Better take it as the doctor ordered… You could end up crazier than before… Been there done that…

LSD and the Beatles

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

John Lennon said he did over 1000 acid trips… That’s like being crazy every day for over 3 years.. Isn’t that cool?

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds = LSD

The rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.
That’s one of the coolest lyrics around huh? Sounds like Johnny was trippin!

Oh he came up with some silly story about his kid coming home with a drawing of “Lucy” in the sky with diamonds… I don’t buy it… He MEANT to do that…. That’s the creative side of acid shining huh?

Now,without the drugs,
would the Beatles have come up with such great songs? Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, The Fool on the Hill?
Drug music huh?

Hmmm? I think that one of the 2 times I tried it as a teenager…(Believing in acid creativity) made me crazy for life!

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Meth Recipe… Cooks Welcome

I have looked high and low on the internet to learn how to become a cook and blow up my house. Turn my back yard into a toxic waist dump…. (Have the neighbors over for a backyard get together. Don’t forget your kids.)

Steps 1- 10 get’s you about a pound of meth… One days work and you can just sit around with no job and watch dirty movies. Make the big bucks… Of course the price is high when you get caught.

Before and After

Oklahoma used to be one of the biggest Meth manufacturing states until the new democratic governor put restrictions on the cold med’s used in making the drug. You have to show your license to buy them from behind the pharmacy.

Do people here in OK still make meth? You bet… It’s easy…You simply send out your housefull of tweakers to go buy as much cold medicine as they can…Then meet back at the lab and cook away…

That is if you have the recipe. Which I don’t have… I guess it’s handed down from one crankster family to another. Because I don’t think its anywhere on the internet… Well, maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. There are ton’s of bad neighborhoods on the net that I choose to stay away from…

Crank – Even Radio personalities do it.

DUI or DWI? Cruising and Boozing

Getting drunk and driving around is the #1 crime that’s broken out there. It’s just everywhere…. More people do that than shoplift.

Many get away with it… Many don’t.

I was always wondering what the difference is in DUI or DWI.Just in case I decided to go cruising and boozing again…

Wiki Says:

The specific criminal offense may be called, depending on the jurisdiction, driving while intoxicated (DWI), operating while intoxicated (OWI), operating a motor vehicle while intoxicatedOMVI), driving under the influence [of alcohol or other drugs] (DUI), driving under the combined influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, driving under the influence per se or drunk in charge [of a vehicle]. Such laws may also apply to boating (as in Canada[2]), piloting aircraft, and even bicycling in some states such as California.

Check that out… You can get a DUI on a bicycle in some states. What a trip. I’d probably wreck my bike before I’d get a DUI… But I dunno.

I never got popped for drunk driving
… I often wonder why since I used to do it a lot. I just thank that dude in Heaven that I never killed anybody…. And now of course I know better. (I hope) 🙂

Take it from the hipster… If ya gotta throw back some brews then do it at the house or have a designated driver… Because they will throw the book at ya for disobedience. It’s a felony in this state on your 3rd offense… Of if the alcohol limit is too high… It just ain’t worth it… You dig?

Stevie Nicks Roadie Helps with Cocain Problem

Cocaine hydrochloride for medicinal use. This ...

Image via Wikipedia

You ever heard that Stevie Nicks needed a little help from a roadie with her cocaine problem? Tis true my friends.  That girl knew how to do some blow. Well sort of.  This is the deal:

She supposedly had damaged her nose from so much cocaine use… She simply couldn’t do any more…So she had a roadie take a straw and blow it up her ass.

That sounds pretty extreme huh?

How badly could somebody want go get high… Well, this was before the invention of crack which does’t require snorting it.

Those 70’s drug bands played hard… I like Fleetwood Mac better than The Eagles. They were the 2 big drug bands back in the day.

I wonder if the Eagles did as many drugs as the Rumors Gang did?

The Bathtub Crank

  • Battery Acid
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Light Bulbs
  • Propane
  • Cat Litter
  • Blow torch or open flame stove
  • Gasoline
  • Sudafed Cold Medicine

It was said that a biker from California came rolling into town with a recipe for something to cure hangovers. Make your life better. Heck, you can run faster, jump higher and work harder than you have since you were 19.

You ever searched the internet for a 10 step guide to making crank? I have…And never found it… I suppose you just have to wait for that guy to come rolling in… Or let it be handed down from one trailer park family to the next…

Oh, don’t forget that toxic waist dump that goes into your backyard after the process is complete… You gotta get rid of that leftover crap somewhere…