Internet Surfing Addiction

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Well here we are surfing the internet with nothing to do.  So much information and we sit and do it for hours.

My addictive personality confirms that when I get into something I can’t quit and just keep on going and going and going. Like the engergizer bunny.

My house is a wreck from all of the addiction I submitted myself to lately. I went ahead, despite my knowing better and just did what felt good or the moment… It was a mistake.

Now, of course I simply traded one addiction for another… Playing on Facebook, dating sites, news sites and blogs…

The internet is a hard on relationships… Or good.. Depends on how you look at.  I have met many great people on the internet.  Others that were great, after getting together it seemed the internet was a tool to ruin us. Go figure?

There are certainly worse things this hipster could do than sit in front of the screen 4 to 6 hours running talking to people.  But how constructive is the conversation anyways… Is it for good, or bad? What are the motives?

Wow, I’m certainly asking myself a lot of questions today…And as a friend points out… I already know the answers… Ha ha…

Glad ya surfed on by… Keep coming back!

How do you know if Your in Love?

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Wow isn’t that the question? How do ya know if your in love? Let’s think about this a bit…  Ever heard the statement:

I love you, but I’m not IN love with you?

So what’s the difference?

There seems to be some different kinds of love floating around. Agape love which would be unconditional love. And then there’s the falling in love with your mate… Of course this would certainly have conditions right?

Now isn’t it just as easy to fall OUT of love as it is to fall IN love? It has to be right? That’s why there are so many divorces and such. That just seems to be the sign of the times.

You could say I been in a few relationships (understatement) and I can say I have loved them all…But was I IN love? Gee… I guess I’ll  never never know..

But there’s always next time around in the love experiences of life. They happen everyday. All that love poetry!

On my next post I am going to consider good looks, lust, and love.  Ya’ll come back now ya hear?

MySpace Cyber Meat Market Review

Hey, you ever heard of myspace ? I remember hearing those words years ago. It was brand new then and growing strong… So, I of course joined. See here !

Many web geeks then (and now) can’t stand myspace. But for all the sexual/dating/flirting/cheating computer novices that just want to have fun-You can’t beat it. It has to be the biggest free internet meat market on the net. Why join some kind of paid dating site when there are millions to choose from on MySpace. (If that’s where you go to get dates anyways)

I have been fed up with myspace in the past while having difficulties with a girlfriend that I met there. She seemed to enjoy the excitement on the website more than me. Still, I keep my profile up and check it from time to time… I sometimes promote my blogs on there to try and build my pathetic traffic stats.

Do you like to surf pages at myspace? I always find it hard to read most pages as they tend to put up all kinds of gadgets and background pictures… Gee, It reminds me of yahoo geocities. This is the reason a lot of web designers don’t like myspace.


People sure can have a good time. With all of those “theme” sites out there. So many people are cashing in on myspace’s success…Especially Myspace itself.  (800 million in revenue 2008) And, they don’t even have to add content… It’s members do plenty of that. They just monitor the datacenter and fight hackers… No need to actually write anything.

MySpace – Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. But I usually just forget it.

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The Qualities in Woman that Men Search For.

Many of the profiles for men on a dating site will have certain qualities that they consider attractive in a potential date…
Here is an example:

Looking for an easy going woman which means looking for a woman who will romp with me whenever I want and not get upset when I don’t call.

Looking for a woman who takes care of her body and is
…meaning a woman who is 5’10 weighing in at a whopping 120lbs, long blonde hair blue eyes and a rack that comes around the corner 5 minutes before she does.

Looking for a woman that is secure and can take care of
…meaning that’s because I live in my mom’s basement and work at mickey d’s and my money goes for a VIDEO games and beer.

I like to take long walks, hold hands, snuggle on the couch and watch T.V. open doors for the ladies..which means I will get up to pee if I have to…I’ll touch you during commercials just to get your attention to grab me a beer…..Yes you can snuggle on the couch with me, just don’t touch me….Yea I’ll open the door but when we are done it’s on babyyyyy

I like a woman who can feel comfy wearing t-shirt and sweats or a lady who can dress up in heels for a night on the town…..Yea she better be able to wear t-shirts and sweats. Gotta be comfy when she is mowing the yard and she better be able to dress up and look dayum good fer my pals

I like a woman who knows what she wants…..yea she may think she knows what she wants but eventually I can change her to think she wants what I want…

I like a woman who isn’t controlling…..yup sure nuff that woman better cook me some dinner and BY GOLLY KNOW HER PLACE

I like independent women….OF course she must be able to drive herself home after a meaningless night of ….???

That’s funny stuff huh?
This was lifted from a dating site I have recently been playing around on… Hope everybody finds LOVE!

How to Overcome Shyness

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Shy and terrified of people. “She is gonna think I’m pathetic.” She will think my opinion is worthless. (Kind of like this blog)

It’s all in your mind I think. The fact is most people enjoy talking about themselves so that is a good starting point to overcome shyness. Consider these examples:

I like your blue hair. You see colored hair everywhere these days.
You tired of this rain yet? It’s been raining here for weeks.
Did that tattoo hurt? You already know it did.
Think Obama can fix this economy? – Pry them for their political views.
You seen that new Star Trek movie? Label yourself a Nerd right away.

Exercise these 5 questions at your local Wal-Mart and make new friends.
Hey, wait… What the heck’s wrong with being shy anyways?

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MySpace – A Cyber Meat Market?

Meeting playmates, lovers, partners in crime, all that good stuff. It has never been easier to hook up and meet chicks everywhere than it is now… You can meet your future wife or that special someone to give you a break from your wife… Perhaps she “understands” your problems a little better than your wife… She “listens” well.

That’s why your on there talking to her for hours at a time while your better ½ is asleep in the bed… Everybody thinks your up “working” late on the computer but your actually up late “playing” on the computer…It’s all about motive I guess.

But there are plenty of people meeting and having successful relationships
through the internet… Like Rush Limbaugh did huh? Is he still married?
Gotta love that guy.

MySpace Offers:

  • Hard to read pages
  • Cheesy, sexually silly clip art “comments”
  • Horrible music that plays every time you visit a given profile
  • Men claiming they are a “nice guy”
  • Emails from girls wanting to show you “pictures”
  • Lots of “forwards” Quiz, Jokes, etc
  • Strangers who send “friend requests” (phishing)

I have met some good people on MySpace
and continue to look at it from time to time. Good way to network with folks and catch up with old high school chums. It’s all about motive. I have certainly bitched about MySpace before… I just keep it around for the good things…And try to filter out any crap that might want to peep it’s ugly head.