Marijuana – Are you a pothead?


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What do you think about Marijuana? You know that wacky weed. Opinion’s vary as to rather it is a good thing or an evil drug that’s taking  over peoples life’s.

This is demonstrated in the old propaganda film Refer Madness.

Harmless Pot?

Refer madness is silly. It’s good to examine what we really believe about marijuana.  It is  a good thing?  I dunno.


Astrology Predicts Addiction – Harvest Moon

Astrology Addiction

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Can Astrology predict if your gonna be addicted to drugs and  and alcohol? Maybe… I had a rather interesting experience on my birthday.

Check It:

I was hanging out on the phone last night with a dear friend under the Harvest Moon. We were talking about life, addiction, astrology, relationships, spirituality, ya know, all that fun stuff

I didn’t know it was the harvest moon

So I decided to take a look at it and see what it was all about.  While surfing around I came across this daily astrology blog.  (I subscribed) I found her post for my birthday  quite interesting.

Allow Me to Quote:

Meanwhile, the “Tender, Compassionate” Pisces Moon is tending to the last of her “prayer requests.” We may want to do likewise (Pisces rules our “link to the Divine”). Later, the Pisces Moon will be restocking the “oceanic bar” with a fresh, 30-day supply of liquor, which she fears may not be enough to last out the whole month now with “Always Thirsty” Jupiter back into Pisces “inebriated waters, “alongside that very “Erratic Drinker” Uranus. Jupiter conjoined Uranus in “drinking hole” Pisces can give a rich “fondness for alcohol” since Pisces rules liquor. Jupiter is also not known “for moderation,” especially when conjoined with Impulsive Uranus who also has difficulty “tempering his impulses.” If we normally have “problems holding our liquor” we may be well-advised to “leave it alone,” for awhile, particularly while this “potent aspect” is in operation.
Cosmic Life Coach

Pretty  “Cosmic” Indeed

Check out  the  keywords!

OK… You cat’s that know me  understands that I don’t hold my liquor very well.  Uh…Let me rephrase that:

I can’t hold my liquor at all.

So you can see that I was quite amazed by that post.  Now let’s see here.. Maybe I should check out today’s post…  Uh… ……  …….

Well…Uh…. I’ll do it later… You dig?

Until then I think I’ll take her tip:
“Leave it Alone”
today. 🙂

Devil Possession The Emily Rose Exorcism

You believe in devil possession ?? I checked out the Exorcism of Emily Rose…That was some spooky Halloween stuff. You dig? The fact that the movie is based on a true story makes it even more eerie . It has to be one of the spookiest movies I have ever seen.

Devil's and the Exorcism of Emily Rose

Cover of The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Deep Questions

Was that chick really possessed by some kind of evil force (devils) or was she  mentally ill? Did that priest actually prevent her from getting the medical help that she needed? The meds she was taking obviously were not working.

I’d love to talk about Psyche med’s. But I don’t want to get sidetracked. Ya know? 
Remember the Exorcist?

That crazy movie with Linda Blair back in the day… I saw it with my parents at the drive in.. Fortunately I fell asleep. But that was one scary movie too. It’s said that people were “fainting” and vomiting in theaters from a total freak out! Wow!

Emily is more real.

She brings up lots of spiritual questions for the viewer. For somebody to watch that and not consider something being “out there” is well…unbelievable. (Pardon the irony) There seems to be unseen powers in this universe that can’t be explained.

Check it this Halloween

Yep. Halloween is fun! Watch the movie,  then discuss God, devil possession and all that wacky stuff  . Atheist’s welcome… Like…Totally 🙂

The Shield a Violent Look at Dirty Cops.

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The Shield on FX  is a violent look at dirty cops. I watched every show since stumbling upon it one night while channel surfing. I was a amazed at the level of violence and downright hard core action happening on TV.  Isn’t this regular TV?

Vic Mackey is a good cop/dirty cop with a “heart”..

Uh… Yeah… He seems  bent on fighting crime but also likes to reap the benefits of the criminals he fights against. Then, try’s to justify his behavior by “doing the right thing” for his kids, family and society…

He’s a rather twisted guy. But you gotta love em’

His side kick, Shane, is simply a dumbass.

What else can I say… How did that guy pass his police exam? He cares for his friend Vic deeply (he worships him?). But Vic is usually disappointed in  Shane. Shane just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Poor guy.

Then there is this  “gay” black cop.

He is also a Christian and attempts to suppress his gayness by going to church and being religious. This was an interesting story line when it first happened.  Then they  let his character drift off into obscurity. What happened?

The single chick that got pregnant during a fling with Vic. She hates him now and therefore is trying to keep him out of her Childs life. He just kept trying to be a father to the kid but she knew better.

Lastly there’s Dutch. He is a “regular” nerd cop with a big brain.

He’s the guy always getting picked on in school But he is smart and is able to make some big cases by his logic and placing himself in the mind of the criminal. His partner is became the chief of the police station she’s a good cop too but is always sick with lupus. Oh my..

Damn, I really got to know all those cats.

The show is long over but I kinda miss them guys.  Threating and beating up people. Robbing trains and double crossing and all that good police work.

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

Check out some of the R-Rated Action

Ransom Note Web Page

Hey look at this new post. Using a little ransom note style which was so hated back when I started designing webpages back in the day.

Oh yes. HTML books and web design websites told you to NEVER do this.

But WHY??

Ransom Note

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Because it looks stupid?
You should never format professional pages  like this. Come on?

What would your customers think?

But I just wanted to show off my new blog theme and goof around with the WYSIWYG editor that I’m using to create this post!

Just for the FUN of it.

I’m not trying to get rich off of this blog. Just get some visitors and hopefully more contributes  to write goofy stuff for entertainment. And make a little cash as a part time job.  Like working at McDonald’s.

As long as your hip you can write whatever ya like.. In any STYLE.. Come on and join the hip opinion and do some WACKY….

Ransom Note POSTING.

Well if ya got this far check out a site I used to learn website from back in the day. Websites that SUCK! Good to see that dude is still around…Fun Stuff 🙂