Derek Rake – Seduce Women – A Review

Rake's Zen of Suduction?

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I get email every week from this cat, Derek Rake on how to seduce women.  I was sitting around on the single tip (like I am now) and did a Google search on how to pick up girls and his site came up. (It may have been an ad)

I was quite entertained by the webpage and I put my email address in there and have been getting his newsletter ever since. He claims it’s worth $47 monthly.  I have been receiving it for quite some time. I wonder when my free trial is up? (more…)

Ransom Note Web Page

Hey look at this new post. Using a little ransom note style which was so hated back when I started designing webpages back in the day.

Oh yes. HTML books and web design websites told you to NEVER do this.

But WHY??

Ransom Note

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Because it looks stupid?
You should never format professional pages  like this. Come on?

What would your customers think?

But I just wanted to show off my new blog theme and goof around with the WYSIWYG editor that I’m using to create this post!

Just for the FUN of it.

I’m not trying to get rich off of this blog. Just get some visitors and hopefully more contributes  to write goofy stuff for entertainment. And make a little cash as a part time job.  Like working at McDonald’s.

As long as your hip you can write whatever ya like.. In any STYLE.. Come on and join the hip opinion and do some WACKY….

Ransom Note POSTING.

Well if ya got this far check out a site I used to learn website from back in the day. Websites that SUCK! Good to see that dude is still around…Fun Stuff 🙂

Hipster WordPress Theme

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New WordPress Theme installed.
Oh yes, my homey and computer mentor did the kid a favor and worked up this new theme for the Hip Opinion. It’s a theme that any hipster can dig.

That’s right. Don over at UILabs is a professional web and graphic’s designer (as well as programmer) has  come up with something I can finally be proud of . He makes a living working on computer and also doing side projects for many local companies for  Tulsa web design.  He owns the company 🙂

My adventures in finding a suitable theme has been driving me up the wall. How does a kid have time to blog when he’s so busy studying wordpress theme’s and trying to “make” them work..  Tired of it.

I’m still tweaking at as of writing this post but you get the idea… It’s looking good 🙂  FINALLY

Thanks Don at UILabs (User Interface Laboratories) for redesigning my blog. I’m moving to the next level… You know all the A-Lister’s recommend a “professional” theme… I got it…

Ti’s groovy

Spam E-Mail Junk Fun

Example of Email Spam on my Gmail account
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Have you checked your spam e-mail box lately? Lots of people wanting to show you pictures and things.  They have all kind’s of fun stuff for you.

Check Spam

  • Oxycontin
  • Penis enlargement kits
  • Cheap software
  • Colan cleanser
  • Options YOU selected
  • Hey Dave 70% off
  • YOU have been selected
  • Hello – Look at my pictures?

Wow! All that fun stuff is right there on 1st page of my spam box! Calling me to click on in and find out what it’s all about. As long as there are a few good people (like myself) willing to put a credit card number in.  Well, those  guys can give themselves a “Good going kid” pat on the back.

I check my spam email often.  For entertainment purposes only.You know…

Chick here – I dare you 😉

Is Blogging Useless and Inaccurate?

I'm here..Somewhere.With millions of blogs out there on the internet one has to wonder if what we have to say is useless.  Anybody at anytime can simply post whatever they want. Rather they know what they are talking about or not.

Where do Bloggers get their Info?

Don’t believe everything you read, so they say… Apparently people do have a problem with blogging. But you know this is the new millennium. Everybody knows that the internet is unstoppable.. People like myself are going to be blogging about stuff. OUR OPINIONS! Are my blogs inaccurate? I think not…

Are YOU one of us?

If so I hope are reporting what you  feel is correct… Freedom of speech-All that good stuff