Lost Ending – Disappointed? Pure Stupidity

I wanted to start a hateful Facebook campaign concerning the stupidity and  the end of Lost. I did… but it got “lost” in the mix and firestorm of internet chatter in disappointment of the finale.

Get Lost
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That show was some of the best TV I have ever seen. Unfortunately the producers must have decided that it was the last season, so, who cares?
A friend of mine made this observation right after the finale:
“Dude, If your anything like me, the “Light in the cave” was truly cringe inducing, I’ve got a totally easy way to explain that – All Jacob & Man in Black’s pseudo-mom had to say was… the light fell from the sky eons ago… boom, suddenly, it like is it from Heaven, is it extra-terrestrial?? Whoa! That light is heavy, not some freak-show mother nature new age feelgood light in a freaking hobbit hole”.
Hollywood continue to mix  spirituality and science fiction
Uh… Give us a break man.. They just don’t seem to do it very well.
Perhaps and  ending of  Hurley and Ben siting on the beach looking out at a passing ship would have been better.
Ben: One day I’m going to kill you.
Hurley: I know
LOST – The End.
The first 5 season’s where awesome. But the 6th. Thumbs down  🙁
Remember: “They are NOT in purgatory…We promise“..

The Shield a Violent Look at Dirty Cops.

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The Shield on FX  is a violent look at dirty cops. I watched every show since stumbling upon it one night while channel surfing. I was a amazed at the level of violence and downright hard core action happening on TV.  Isn’t this regular TV?

Vic Mackey is a good cop/dirty cop with a “heart”..

Uh… Yeah… He seems  bent on fighting crime but also likes to reap the benefits of the criminals he fights against. Then, try’s to justify his behavior by “doing the right thing” for his kids, family and society…

He’s a rather twisted guy. But you gotta love em’

His side kick, Shane, is simply a dumbass.

What else can I say… How did that guy pass his police exam? He cares for his friend Vic deeply (he worships him?). But Vic is usually disappointed in  Shane. Shane just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  Poor guy.

Then there is this  “gay” black cop.

He is also a Christian and attempts to suppress his gayness by going to church and being religious. This was an interesting story line when it first happened.  Then they  let his character drift off into obscurity. What happened?

The single chick that got pregnant during a fling with Vic. She hates him now and therefore is trying to keep him out of her Childs life. He just kept trying to be a father to the kid but she knew better.

Lastly there’s Dutch. He is a “regular” nerd cop with a big brain.

He’s the guy always getting picked on in school But he is smart and is able to make some big cases by his logic and placing himself in the mind of the criminal. His partner is became the chief of the police station she’s a good cop too but is always sick with lupus. Oh my..

Damn, I really got to know all those cats.

The show is long over but I kinda miss them guys.  Threating and beating up people. Robbing trains and double crossing and all that good police work.

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it.

Check out some of the R-Rated Action

Celebrity’s – Beautiful People

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When ya look at the TV or browse the internet you see all kinds of celebrity’s they all seem to be beautiful people. Just take a look at them. They are all about being pretty.

Why is this? How come when you watch your daily soaps you don’t see some average people out there… Ya know, like it is in real life?

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy the other night. Checking out all those beautiful doctors.  It sure would be cool to go to that hospital.. Don’t ya know it?

But then again, with all that sex that’s goin’ on  in the back room of the hospital I may be afraid to let them cut on me.  Come on?? How focused can they be with all the drama?

If I ever make it on a TV show Id probably just be an “extra”… One of the average people 🙂

Tulsa Tornado Alley – And TV?

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Well here it is spring time in Tulsa… I look outside and see the black sky and “wall clouds” as they say on TV. It’s an exciting time of year.

 The fact that it happens during the TV spring sweeps makes it frustrating sometimes. You know, your trying to watch your favorite TV show but all you see on the TV is a huge radar screen. “Don’t worry, we will replay your favorite shows on Sunday afternoon” Hey, what if I got something to do on Sunday afternoon?

 Oh I really don’t mind. It is necessary for all the channels to report about the potential of one hitting your house. I have come close as a child but never really experienced the full-blown tragedy of a tornado. We can put my show’s on the back burner. It’s not all that bad. Lost was the only show I watched at the time, and it’s over now. (As pitiful as it was)

 So here in Oklahoma during Tornado season you can expect to see a lot of the colorful radar screen on you high def. TV. All our weather guys got it going on with the Doppler and all that. special gear that helps keep us safe.

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 Hey, it’s kinda fun blogging again. It’s been a few months since I posted. I’m being a good boy now so I’ll try to build this site back up again. Then I can turn around and sell it for 10 bucks so I can get a pack of cig’s and a cup of coffee. And, watch the storm come in.

Top 10 Worldly Problems. Solutions?

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Well we all got problems don’t we? A quick surf of the net or a newscast on TV will abundantly confirm this.

I like to ponder stuff you know? I like to try and “figure it all out”. And wonder what a “Higher Power” should be doing about all this.  He is supposed to be all powerful right? Can’t He fix this world that we humans have totally screwed up?

Or is it up to us? Religious people tend to be just trying to hold on until they get to the great by and by. Right? I mean, I have heard it said. “This is not our home, our home is in heaven”

Jesus is coming, right? Could be today! But, what if it’s not for another 50 millennia? Hey, that’s a long time.  There’s gonna be a lot of generations of people that have to try and make due until they get to heaven. Meanwhile the world get’s worse.

Big Global Problems

  • Hunger and malnutrition
  • Climate Change
  • Conflicts
  • Financial instability
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Subsidies and Trade Barriers
  • Population/migration
  • Communicable diseases
  • Education
  • Governance and corruption

What a list.  those are real problems.  Who is gonna fix this mess?

I have heard Bible teachers say that this “fallen world is too far gone to be fixed. It will take a complete regeneration from God to fix this. ”

Maybe. But, perhaps talking about it would help to get ideas to give the Big Guy a hand in it. Most of us have children and grandchildren right? Each of us do our part?

I’m just a middle aged hipster. I probably got a few years before I go to the pearly gates.  Perhaps, there is SOMETHING I could do to make a difference here and now. You dig?

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