Do All Religions Pray to the Same God?

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Islams, Jews, Christians. Do they all worship the same God? That’s what President Bush was saying. Of course you know this is America and we do have “freedom of religion”. Thank God for that!

I used to be rather dogmatic in my beliefs. Often trying to convert to my way of faith. Sometime I still do this.  But is that necessarily a good thing to do?

Religious Observations

Here are some reason’s why I have reconsidered my religious thinking

Jesus never twisted arms

In fact he made it easy for people to walk away.  He seemed to know who would accept him and who wouldn’t

Faith should not promote  “fear”

A lot of religious leaders and evangelists tend to teach that if you don’t believe like we said…Then it means, well, eternal damnation.  Uh… are you sure?

Words without Action

Many people are looking for something bigger. A certain faith can talk a good talk, but not walk the walk.  The best evidence for a religious faith is change in the believers actions and behaviors.

Faith is Personal

Many aspects of life can sway the way a person may or may not believe.  If a person is relatively happy in what they find “out there” who am I to say they are wrong… Eternally wrong? I do not know that persons entire story.

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Religion Leads to sharp  disagreement

Many people will not talk about politics or religion – period. Why? because the don’t want to go through the hassle of offending somebody or getting resentful themselves.  Peace brother.  God is love.

Do all Religions pray to the same God?

One of the fun things about believing is the “search” itself.  Asking hard questions and “working out my own salvation”.  I have found diversity in the faiths can be a strong motivator to learn more.  And grow in my own faith.

Open mindedness does not have to be a bad thing.  I believe God is infinite.  He has a plan for ALL of it.  Agape love is what the God of my understanding is all about.

That’s enough for me.

Agora Movie Review

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Directed by Alexander Amenabar, Agora stars Rachel Weisz as the philosopher, mathematician, and martyr Hypatia of Alexandria, whose history has long been muddled and contested since the limited release of the film.  Many Christians including Catholic evangelist Rev. Robert Barron, condemn Amenabar for the film, calling it an “atheist agenda” despite the fact that the director insisted on a multi-faith cast and crew and the distributors insisted on a preemptive screening by the Vatican, which reported no issues with the film.


History buffs already know how the movie ends, so I won’t worry about spoilers.  Agora is a about a woman mathematician, philosopher, and scholar in Roman Egypt.  We, the audience, see Hypatia teaching men of prominent families, including Orestes, who admires her but cannot attain her because she loves philosophy first.  Davus, one of her father’s slaves (whom she pities), also loves Hypatia, but the latter is oblivious and the former is burdened by his lower status.  He begins to turn to Christianity for solace.

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What’s Wrong with Organized Religion?

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I hear it all the time; “ I don’t like organized religion”

They say “why is something that is supposed to be organized so un- organized”.

Tis true, I’m afraid. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to how organized the major religions are.  And, because the tend to bicker with each other (and themselves) then many people are obviously turned off by this sort of thing.

With good reason…Who wants all that drama anyways?

Well, millions of people it seems. So given that kinda record there must be something to it right?  To be completely against organized religeion is a bit silly.  Millions of people look to it for hope an direction for life.

So are all these people weak? Or maybe in need of a “crutch” They can’t seem to find their own direction so they need something else to lean on? Or a book of rules to tell them how to live?

I don’t think so.  Believing in something in my experience points to strength, not weakness.  It is far easier for me to “let myself go” and do what I want rather than try to be obedient to some moral laws. It’s easy to simply do what feels good.  –  And trust me, I know how to do that 🙂

So, recently… I joined up. It’s all good, except I don’t get to sleep in till noon on Sundays anymore.

Who Goes to Hell? Part 1

How should we examine the idea of hell? Eternal punishment for EVER! A permanent vacation home at the lake of fire!

Tho shall never get a drink of water…EVER!

Indeed I used to hear radio evangelists talking about a particular celebrity who had died… “Well, he’s in hell now… Unless he repented…And I doubt that he did”

It’s interesting hearing sermons about hell… Is the preacher actually “preaching” hell?  Or the “Good News” of escape from it by believing in Jesus? It’s sometimes hard to tell…

I am going to start a series of posts about the idea of hell
and who is going there.And perhaps who is already there. This has been a fascination of mine for quite some time now…  I have blogged about hell before of course..

Things are changing in the Christian Religion. I wanna be with the good guys… Now, don’t you?

Nostradamus – A True Prophet?

There has always been a lot said about this guy… His clairvoyance is regarded as top of the heap… Nostradamus – Preatty freakin cool 🙂
His prophesies include:

  • French Revolution
  • Atom Bomb
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Sept 11

Many Biblical teachers regard this guy as a “false prophet” A evil occultist. To each his own…Why not take a look at some of his stuff for the fun and entertainment of it… Or is that playing with HellFire?

I wonder why there are rarely any “good prophecies” You know, ones that don’t predict the end of the world or mass murder… Is this just as good as it gets?